Frankie’s into everything! He’s one, he exploring, everything he does is an adventure. He loves nothing more than sneaking into the kitchen as soon as I turn my back. He heads straight for the presses particularly the one with the dog food. I cannot remember the amount of times I have fished Tink’s dry food from his mouth. I think he has a taste for it at this stage.

So I’ve been non-stop nagging the other-half to fit some safety locks on the presses in the kitchen, and after months he finally did. Only because he spent Wednesday afternoon cleaning up a full bottle of olive oil that little lad had got his on whilst under his care.

This morning Frankie went on his usual travels into the kitchen and well he’s not impressed. He has treble checked every door and none of them open. His reaction or should I say tantrum was priceless.

But just as I thought I had one up on him. I left him unattended for like a minute in the bathroom. More the fool me…