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Newborn Photoshoot with Nessa Robinson Photography

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On Sunday afternoon we invited Nessa Robinson, a lifestyle and portrait photographer from Dublin into our home to capture some newborn photos of Kadie.

Ideally these kind of shoots are recommended for babies between 6-10 days old. Kadie is six weeks old and alot more active and alert than a squishy week old baby so I’m amazed how stunning the photo’s turned out.

One of the things I loved about the newborn shoot was that Nessa comes to your home. It took away the stress of heading to a studio with the kids, something that can be very overwhelming and the main reason why I have never had newborn portraits done before.

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Meet Kadie Belle

Meet Kadie Belle, born on the 20th of August at 11.22am at home weighing 7lbs 10oz. I know most of you are dying to hear how it all happened and I’ve tried to write about it but every time I take out the laptop I get very emotional. It wasn’t the birth experience I anticipated and even though she arrived safe, it was scary and I’m just not ready to start talking about it yet.

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