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How To Make Your Own Babywipes


This week I decided to give home-made baby wipes a shot having seen a video float across my Facebook feed. I love nothing more than giving Joe mini heart attacks after all, we’ve already converted to cloth nappies, use coconut oil for pretty much everything and he doesn’t know it yet but I’ve also purchased some reusable wipes from aliexpress, frugal living and all that. I never in a million years expected it to be so easy or to have all the ‘ingredients’ in my kitchen already. Looking to save a few quid or even just try them out, here’s how to make your own coconut oil baby wipes: (more…)

My Little Pony – How To Make a Unicorn Horn

We have a My Little Pony fanatic here, she’s unicorn mad. So today we had some one-on-one time and decided to make our very own unicorn horn. She wants to dress as a unicorn for Halloween and this is as far as I’ve got with her ‘costume’. I’m not very patient so I was itching whilst sowing this with the her, the OCD in me wanted it to be perfect but I had to remember she’s five. So our stitching is completely off, it looks more like a p**is than an actual unicorn horn but she thinks I’m deadly, so I’m happy out! (more…)