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One Month

Everyone keeps asking how we are getting on. Well, it’s mayhem, it’s madness, it’s absolute chaos. Nothing can prepare you for two under one, or three under three. Somedays I look down and say to myself who owns all these kids. There’s so many of them. There are too many names remember. I call Kadie Kenzie and Kenzie Kadie. I even opened the door one evening and called Frankie’s name really loudly. He was in bed and I woke him with my roars. I was looking for the dog. (more…)

8 Weeks

So she’s finally registered, only took us 7 weeks to do it. If you ever have a baby at home request the paramedics report when you’re calling the ambulance. It was a nightmare trying to get our hands on it.

Surviving the First Six Weeks

We made it, everyone is still alive. And since becoming a mammy of three I’ve learnt so much more about parenting. It really is a fulltime job, I dunno how working mammies do it. There’s always an ass that needs wiping. The washing basket is never be empty. And I will probably never sleep more than three hours ever ever again. (more…)