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My Little Babog Is Not A Sleeper


We were blessed with Frankie. Naptime and bedtime he is an angel, excluding the clock change, that did throw him off but last night it was business as usual. I mention his bop-bop, num-nums or teddy and he’s thundering up the stairs – waving bye-bye, blowing kisses, the lot. We don’t see him till morning. Again, we are blessed.

RoundySquares Organic Hat Review

Roundysquares organic baby toddler hat

RoundySquares is Irish business run by yummy mummy Stephanie, whom handcrafts organic cotton hats for babies and toddlers. Stephaine ‘became a Mama with a Mission to make a snug, warm, soft, cute and colourful hat that stays on little wriggly heads’ having struggled to find the perfect hat for her little babog, since then her idea and business venture grew and grew. (more…)

Win a Mum & Baby Support Pillow From Tony Kealys

Tony Kealys are celebrating the big #blackfriday sale with hundreds of offers online and in store. It’s on all weekend finishes up Monday evening. And to celebrate their special offers I have a Carla mum and baby pillow to giveaway worth €40.

Whether you are pregnant, nursing or just looking for some baby comforts this mum and baby pillow will have you covered. Included in the pack is a stylish polka green pillow, a wedge and an additional cover for the pillow.

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Competition closes December 4th at 9pm. Winner will be notified by email and announced on My Little Babogs Facebook page shortly after. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. Giveaway is open worldwide. Prize will be delivered by Tony Kealys.

Creeper Crawler Review

Creeper Crawlers is an Irish company dedicated to supporting the natural development stages of babies through fun and functional developmental products. Crawling is a vital stage of development but babies’ can slip, bump and bruise themselves on wood, tiles and laminate floors and Creeper Crawler suits provide additional traction to enhance the natural developmental stages of infants. (more…)

The Man Child

He’s fourteen months, on his thirteenth tooth, eats like a horse, shits like a donkey and is destroying our home. He’s always up to mischief. We should have called him Denis, Denis The Bleeding Menace.

This week he discovered he could wiggle his arms from the carseat. (more…)

The Kitchen Gets Frankie-Proofed

Frankie’s into everything! He’s one, he exploring, everything he does is an adventure. He loves nothing more than sneaking into the kitchen as soon as I turn my back. He heads straight for the presses particularly the one with the dog food. I cannot remember the amount of times I have fished Tink’s dry food from his mouth. I think he has a taste for it at this stage.

So I’ve been non-stop nagging the other-half to fit some safety locks on the presses in the kitchen, and after months he finally did. Only because he spent Wednesday afternoon cleaning up a full bottle of olive oil that little lad had got his on whilst under his care.

This morning Frankie went on his usual travels into the kitchen and well he’s not impressed. He has treble checked every door and none of them open. His reaction or should I say tantrum was priceless.

But just as I thought I had one up on him. I left him unattended for like a minute in the bathroom. More the fool me…

Bee the Book – Farm Friends – Review, Giveaway and Discount Code

Bee The Book Review


Farm friends is an interactive vibrant book that parents can bring to life. It allows children to maintain full eye contact and see the correct pronunciation of words as parents look through the hole and read a rhyme featured in a fold down flap which is only visible to the reader.

Author Debora Tobin came up with the innovative idea when she struggled to get her own children to sit and listen during story time. She decided to bring a whole new experience to reading. She wanted storytime to be fun with a baby or toddler.

The book is made from durable flexible card with a high gloss shine and 50% of the profits from the book go to charity Bee For Battens.

DSC_1774 (1)

The book has been in our possession a few months now. It would definitely one of my top five baby and toddler books for the educational and interactive fun factor. We recently introduced it to Frankie and he thinks it’s hilarious. Kayla reads it to him sometimes too, she actually knows most of the rhymes by heart now, just shows how much we actually read it.

If you buy one book for your little babog this year, it’s got to BEE this one!!

Kayla’s Review


I love Bee the Book. My mammy looks so funny with wings, wool and four legs. She sometimes makes up her own funny stories. Frankie thinks mammy is so funny too, she always makes funny noises and silly faces. I read it to him too. I’ve never seen a bee on a farm though, my mammy says that’s because I’ve never looked for one. So next I go to the farm in Wexford I’m going to look for bee’s.

Bee The Book – Farm Friends is €9.99 and available to buy HERE. I also have a discount code; use MYLITTLEBABOG at the checkout to receive 20% off.

I also have a book to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. To enter LIKE Bee The Books on Facebook and COMMENT on this post. Competition closes Tuesday 3rd of March.


Disclaimer: I was giving this product for reviewing purposes. This does not affect my honest opinion.

Can We Just Pause For A Moment?

Not so long ago I began to worry about Frankie’s development, he hated tummy time, he had yet to roll over and he was still drinking six to seven bottles a day. I began comparing him to other babies his age and started fretting over his development.

Then one evening I went in to check on him and he was sleeping on his tummy, i had yet to witness it but the ‘rollover’ was complete. The following morning he blurted out mama, fast forward two weeks and he’s recognising signs, he sits up unaided and he’s clapping hands.

Now I’m afraid to blink. He’ll be riding Tinkerbell our lab like a cowboy around the house soon. Frankie is roaming through the house, exploring, marking his territory, letting us know who is boss. When I’m cooking dinner he creeps around the fridge, practically hanging out of his walkers expressing his interest in whatever is on the menu.

Last week I was making a stir-fry, their he was loitering about, so I gave him a slice of yellow pepper. Assuming he would throw it away, he gnawed, chewed and demolished every last piece. Tinkerbell has some competition; she normally gets the left-overs.

My boy is going to be talking, walking and answering back before I know it. I was wishing time away, rushing precious moments for the sake of competing with others, now I just want to rewind every milestone. It’s been a rollercoaster the past couple weeks, I’m overwhelmed with how quick my baby is growing.

Can we just pause this moment?