The Perfect Induction by The Post Modern Mammy

perfect induction birth story ireland holles street

Something I’ve noticed on my birth story series is the lack of positive birth experiences. I’ve had three really positive experiences myself and one pretty traumatic and my unplanned homebirth is one of my most popular posts so I get it, we all like a bit of drama, it makes an interesting and exciting read. On my last pregnancy, I opted out of having an induction because I only ever heard horror stories and I was terrified, to be honest. This week The Post Modern Mammy is sharing her birth story, her induction story, the perfect induction. (more…)

Gift Guide For Baby Christmas 2016

gift guide for baby Christmas 2016

Just like last year, my gift guides have some practicality to them. Newbies and young babies don’t actually play with toys so there is no point spending hundreds on toys for ‘ah they’ll grow into them’ because really they don’t, by the time they ‘grow’ into them a birthday has passed or a Christening and the junk piles up. Here’s a list of gifts for a baby up to about 12 months. I have received some of the products featured for review but I have purchased everything in the main gift thread for the new babog or prior to receiving a review copy. (more…)

Mums Box – An Irish Subscription Box Dedicated To Mums

mums box subscription service ireland

Mums Box a new subscription service dedicated solely to mums has just launched in Ireland and boxes will begin rolling out this January. A good friend of mine, blogger and comedian Sharyn Hayden is to launch Mums Box, a gorgeous box with 5 hand-picked health and beauty items including cosmetics, bath products, sweet treats and hair care products. Also each month there will be a surprise novelty gift to give you the giggles. And rightly so, it wouldn’t scream Sharyn without some good auld belly laughs! (more…)

Meet Mumtrepreneurs Vicki and Michelle from BabyBoo interview bandana bibs ireland

Up this week on Meet the Mumtrepreneur I’m chatting with the founders of Mums, Vicki and Michelle spotted a gap in the market back in 2014 and they’ve never looked back. With a growing and expanding business, and friendship as it seems these two women are so inspirational. And I’m a huge fan, I’ve easily got over 40 bandana bibs now but don’t tell Joe, though! Here’s how we got on… (more…)

Parenting/Baby Black Friday Codes

black friday codes deals ireland

Other than THE NESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINE that I bought for Santa to bring me I haven’t actually shopped yet. I did do my research and I saved all the codes, I’ve snapped some and instead of shopping, I decided to whiz up this post because there are too many great offers to miss! There is some awesome discounts from Lottie having 20% off, 40% off Dribble Stop Tops to 25% off at Bambino Mio. Here are my favourite 20 discounts this Black Friday. (more…)

Team Hopes Launch Online Christmas Shoebox Appeal #onlineChristmasShoebox

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that the big kid and I had been putting our Christmas Shoebox together for Team Hope, a box full of treats including pants, socks and hygienic products like soap, a toothbrush, and toothpaste and of course a doll, a ball, and some munchies. We even put in a superhero cape in. It’s our fourth year to put a box together, I’m a huge believer in paying it forward, if I can help someone out in need in any way I will try my very best to do so. (more…)