My Left Foot

So I have pretty much had the worst luck ever, which is strange considering everyone around me says I’m the luckiest person they know. I’m the one who wins every raffle I enter and the Bingo jackpots, although I’ve yet to win the Lotto. I went and broke my foot four weeks after giving birth to my baby boy, Frankie. So now I have a seven-week-old baby boy, a demanding four-year-old daughter Kayla, and NO LEFT FOOT! And no, it didn’t happen on my first night out since having Frankie (it’s going be almost 12 months before I can wear six-inch heels and hit the pub again since becoming pregnant). In actual fact, I was having a water fight. A mother of two can still have fun!



My Little Babog is an award winning Irish parenting, lifestyle, and travel blog. I’m Kellie, a serial coffee drinker, a bit of a rocker, a professional cake eater, a cloth nappy enthusiast and mammy to Kayla, Frankie, Kadie and Kenzie. I’m on an amazing journey, winging it all the way. Here you will find my parenting fails and honest tales. I’m a Lottie Doll brand ambassador and a member of the Irish Netflix stream team.

My eldest is Kayla. She can be found making YouTube tutorials on my phone with her Lottie Dolls or searching for fairies in the garden. She likes climbing tree’s, unicorns, make-up, and reading. I spend my days bargaining, bribing and counting to three with this one. Kayla’s daddy and I are separated and we both co-parent.

irish parenting blog my little babog

Frankie is my koala bear, I cannot piss in peace with this one. We don’t practice attachment parenting but he can be mostly found on my back, hip or leg. He likes PJ masks and Beat Bugs on repeat, the great outdoors, anything with an engine and custard creams. I save his life on a daily basis. I’ve recently just shipped him off to preschool and it’s bleeding deadly!

irish parenting blog my little babog

And Kadie, she made a dramatic entrance into this crazy world in August 2015 with an unexpected home birth. She is a full-time cloth nappy wearer and baby led weaned. She likes terrorising her big brother, attempting to eat her little sister, her Care Bear and throwing food on the ground. She’s the feisty one, a climber and drives me to the brink of insanity.

irish parenting blog my little babog

And finally Kenzie, the latest addition, born July ’16. She’s a cloth nappy wearer, exclusively breastfed and a snuggle monster. There are only ten months between Kadie and Kenzie, Irish twins. I must be mad. I am mad.

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