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Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Mum

Last year I did a Yummy Mummy Christmas Gift Guide and it was a huge hit on the blog, so this year I decided to do it again with some of my favourite picks available for Christmas 2015. Don’t be afraid to tag dad, your partner or pals if something interests you, because you never know it might just land under the big tree. (more…)

Nappy Grab Bag Saves The Day

Ages ago I won a box of Becky Mantins Nappy Grab Bags over on Basically they’re little pocket-size packs with a nappy, wipes and cream inside. I have one to both Grandparents houses, there’s one in my car and another one in Daddy’s van. I thought they would be dead handy to have if we ran out of nappies or wipes etc. (more…)

Messy Monkeys : Potions & Slime Messy Science Session

Today our Adventures of Eire series continued with a stop off at Messy Monkeys in Mounttown Community Facilities in Dun Laoghaire. The five-year-old and I signed up for their once off Halloween themed Messy Science Session. We’re huge fans of Messy Monkeys so when I saw this session pop up in my newsfeeds I had to book it for her. We were familiar with Messy Monkeys having attended a SpatterDay class with Frankie earlier in the year.


Netflix : Kayla’s October Favourites

I’ve no shame in admitting Netflix has babysitted Kayla for the past few months, it’s been tough with the new arrival and we’ve pretty much watched it everyday at some stage or another. There’s hundreds upon hundreds of programmes and movies to watch, and the hardest part for us is deciding what to watch. Here’s some Kayla’s favourites this month.


The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name – Children’s Book Review


A couple of weeks back Kayla received a Lost My Name book for review. The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name books are slightly different to your average book, it’s a magical personalised tale of a child who wakes up to find out they have lost their name. The child then bravely heads off on a journey to find it and stumbles upon lots of creatures on his/her way. Each one with a unique story to tell, providing a letter helping the child to recover their name. Hense why it’s called Lost My Name. (more…)

Double Nipper Review | Out N About Double Buggy Review

When I found out I was pregnant with Kadie when Frankie was only seven months old, it was a complete shock to the system. We always wanted another but never thought it would happen so quick. I had all sorts of things running through my head. Two on bottles, two in nappies, two in cots and on top of all that I would need a double buggy. I put buggy purchases on the long finger because there was so many to choose from all stating they were the best on the market. (more…)

Newborn Photoshoot with Nessa Robinson Photography

things you will do different on your second third and fourth

On Sunday afternoon we invited Nessa Robinson, a lifestyle and portrait photographer from Dublin into our home to capture some newborn photos of Kadie.

Ideally these kind of shoots are recommended for babies between 6-10 days old. Kadie is six weeks old and alot more active and alert than a squishy week old baby so I’m amazed how stunning the photo’s turned out.

One of the things I loved about the newborn shoot was that Nessa comes to your home. It took away the stress of heading to a studio with the kids, something that can be very overwhelming and the main reason why I have never had newborn portraits done before.

IMG_20151006_193553 (more…)

Vanish Stain Remover Review and Giveaway

I’m notorious for throwing out the kids clothes out of pure laziness if they become stained. The main culprit is Frankie, I don’t know what he does be doing but every second day his clothes are destroyed with stubborn stains. The most common stains on his clothes are tomato sauce, strawberry and the worst of all, poop. The joys of motherhood! In most cases the stains are removable with a bit of man power but I’m not that domesticated so when Vanish contacted me to try out some of there stain removal products and I couldn’t refuse.