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RoundySquares Organic Hat Review

Roundysquares organic baby toddler hat

RoundySquares is Irish business run by yummy mummy Stephanie, whom handcrafts organic cotton hats for babies and toddlers. Stephaine ‘became a Mama with a Mission to make a snug, warm, soft, cute and colourful hat that stays on little wriggly heads’ having struggled to find the perfect hat for her little babog, since then her idea and business venture grew and grew. (more…)

Gummee Glove Review

win a gummee glove

The Gummee Glove is a multi-textured teething glove for babies ideally aged 3-6 months. Its unique design is aimed to help soothe babies suffering from teething. It’s a multi-sensory teether with a crinkly insert, stimulating babies with its texture and sound. Also included is a removable heart-shaped teething ring and as an added bonus it can be chilled in the fridge for extra comfort and relief. (more…)

Shnuggle Baby Bath Review

Snuggle baby bath review moogoo mini moo bubbly wash bubbles

I’ve had my fair share of baths and bath aids and I’ve never been completely happy with my experience with them. So I was delighted when asked to review the Shnuggle baby bath now that little miss is raring to go and loves splashing around in the water. (more…)

Luggwoods Santa’s Enchanted Forest Review

On Friday evening we had been invited along to the opening of Luggwoods Enchanted Forest. Upon arrival, we were greeted by some Elves and led to a portacabin to wait for the rest of the families in our time slot to arrive. Once they appeared we began our ninety-minute journey starting with ‘Santa’s train’. I’ll be honest I’ve been on plenty of trains but this train didn’t choo-choo, it was a trailer/open carriage pulled by a tractor kitted out and decorated in Christmas lights.  (more…)

Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Girls

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I just love watching their little faces on Christmas morning. This Christmas will be even better now that Frankie is old enough to rip open his, so it’s all very exciting. Here’s my Christmas 2015 gift guide for girls (and boys too!) and some of what My Little Babog will be finding under the big tree this year.

Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Baby

Realistically babies don’t actually need any Christmas presents but I’ll admit even on my first I spent a ridiculous amount on toys she never played with. I’ve made a list of toys, teethers and stuff I would buy again and again that will double up useful and as a lovely Santa gift if you need to put something under the tree especially if you’ve older kids. They’ll also make great gifts from friends, god parents and grandparents. (more…)

Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Mum

Last year I did a Yummy Mummy Christmas Gift Guide and it was a huge hit on the blog, so this year I decided to do it again with some of my favourite picks available for Christmas 2015. Don’t be afraid to tag dad, your partner or pals if something interests you, because you never know it might just land under the big tree. (more…)

Nappy Grab Bag Saves The Day

Ages ago I won a box of Becky Mantins Nappy Grab Bags over on Basically they’re little pocket-size packs with a nappy, wipes and cream inside. I have one to both Grandparents houses, there’s one in my car and another one in Daddy’s van. I thought they would be dead handy to have if we ran out of nappies or wipes etc. (more…)

Messy Monkeys : Potions & Slime Messy Science Session

Today our Adventures of Eire series continued with a stop off at Messy Monkeys in Mounttown Community Facilities in Dun Laoghaire. The five-year-old and I signed up for their once off Halloween themed Messy Science Session. We’re huge fans of Messy Monkeys so when I saw this session pop up in my newsfeeds I had to book it for her. We were familiar with Messy Monkeys having attended a SpatterDay class with Frankie earlier in the year.