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Every Tuesday is Pancake Tuesday | Child Friendly Pancake Recipes

pancake tuesday recipes

I was only in the shops this morning and my local Centra is all set for Pancake Tuesday. The minute you walk in the door there’s shelves stacked with ready made pancakes mix. You know the one that you just need to add milk or an egg or something to the bottle or mixture. And do you know what it bugs the life of me! Pancakes are so simple to make and nine times out of ten we have all the ingredients in our cupboards. It’s literally a case of putting them all into a bowl and mixing them together. And if we happen to be missing an ingredient it’s probably cheaper to buy it than buying the ready made mixture itself. It’s just a big money racket in my opinion (like Valentines!) and really, who has the money these days to be falling for it?¬† (more…)

Rainbow Fairy Cakes

Little miss has been hounding me to make a rainbow cake ever since her birthday, so after almost two months of putting it off we compromised and made tie-dye rainbow fairy cakes.

We used our usual fairy cake recipe and mixed lots of food colouring into our batter until she was happy they were vibrant and colourful enough. Our clothes and the counter tops were destroyed with thanks to her messy little hands but our cakes were absolutely delicious and they looked fab!

Fairy Cake Ingredients:

100g butter

100g self raising flour

100g caster sugar

2 eggs


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

Separate equal amounts of fairy cake batter into different bowls and add food colouring of choice (we used red, green, yellow and blue).

Put heaped spoons of the mixture into each bun case, using each of the colours you have chosen.


Place tray in the oven on the top shelf and bake at 180C for about twenty minutes and then leave to cool on a wire tray.