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Three Under Three – The Bond Will Be Unbreakable Won’t It?


It’s amazing what a bit of sleep can do for you. I feel like a new woman now that we have a solid routine, a strict one that I’m abiding too because as selfish as it might sound to some I’m reeking the benefits. There have been slip-ups of course but my kids have all slept in their own bed for naps and throughout the night. I won’t lie, I miss the cuddles something terrible but at 32 weeks pregnant I need the rest. Putting Kadie into her own room has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family in a long time.

Because We Just Need Some Sleep


The past month has been awful here on the sleep front. I’ve broken down in tears too many time to count in recent weeks due to utter exhaustion. Yesterday Joe and I agreed without argument (for a change) that it was time to give Kadie her own room – in hope she would settle better at night. Wishful thinking but we are at the stage now that we just need some sleep… (more…)

Blogging Tips | The Ultimate Beginners, Business & Bloggers Guide


Whether you’re a blogger or a small business maintaining a blog is a lot of work. I get asked regularly how I do it, how I keep my reach, how I get to review all the cool stuff with three babogs and a bump, and I always reply that it’s because I love blogging. It’s more than a just a hobby. I started this blog with nothing and built it with the help of google, other bloggers, conferences and Facebook groups. Blogs are not built overnight, My Little Babog just celebrated it’s second birthday and only in the past year has it really kicked off and it continues to grow daily. So in saying all that I decided to put together this blogging tips post, I hope you like it, it only took me ten cups of coffee, three packs of Silvermints and a pack of those new Jacobs wafer biscuit thingies. (more…)