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Given our changeable weather, layers of clothing is always advisable in the land of the leprechaun. On an average day it’s recommended to bring your rain gear, wellies, sun cream and shades on any outdoor adventure because the weather can be so unpredictable. However over the past week the country is smiling, the weather is bliss and the barbeques have been dusted off. Ireland is delightful when the sun is shining! (more…)

The Man Child

He’s fourteen months, on his thirteenth tooth, eats like a horse, shits like a donkey and is destroying our home. He’s always up to mischief. We should have called him Denis, Denis The Bleeding Menace.

This week he discovered he could wiggle his arms from the carseat. (more…)

Things Only a Baby Can Get Away With

I love being a mammy, but my god do kids test your patience. That moment they smile toothless while pulling a box of cheerio’s over their heads is kind of cute. Or when they decide to fill the toilet with their bath toys is kind of funny. That moment they wait for that perfect opportunity when you forget to shut the door. Little buggars can get away with anything. ANYTHING! (more…)

Straffan Butterfly Farm

Yesterday we continued our A-Z of Adventures around Ireland and headed off to the quiet countryside of Co.Kildare to visit Straffan Butterfly Farm. Straffan Butterfly Farm is a family run business which opens to the public every summer with an exhibition to introduce people to the existence of the world of butterflies.

Upon arrival we checked out some of the live tarantulas, snakes, stick insects, millipedes and small reptiles in the exhibition room all housed in their natural surroundings that can be viewed up close as they go about their daily lives. There was collections of butterflies and other creepy crawlies on display from all over the world too. We then continued on to the movie room and enjoyed an interesting and educational 15 minute film about the life cycle of the butterfly. (more…)

Lottie Doll Ambassador & Giveaway

Some of you may have read Kayla’s review of the Kawaii Karate Lottie Doll I published a few weeks back, well last week they contacted me asking if they could use Kayla’s review in their latest blog, a post about their latest charitable work. Lottie will be donating $2 from every sale of each Kawaii Karate Lottie doll on to charity Action Breaks Silence, a ground breaking initiative that deliver free self-defence classes to underprivileged women and girls in India.

They also asked if I’d like to become a Lottie brand ambassdor and without hesitation I accepted because I’m genuinely passionate about the product. I love how age appropriate Lottie is, she’s very relatable for young children, recommended for kids aged 3-9. She has no make-up, heels or jewellery. She wears clothes kids would wear in real-life. She is ethnically diverse, with a range of eye, hair and skin colours. Each Lottie Doll has a backstory and she loves adventures and the outdoors and use her imagination. She’s a positive, non-gender stereotypical toy and promotes creative imagination play, a positive healthy view on body image and she encourages and empowers young children. (more…)

The Kid Wants a Bra

Today as I walked through Dunnes with my five-year-old she randomly blurted out that she wanted a bra. A f**king bra. I initially laughed it off, so did EVERYONE close by. It was an argument I was never going to win so I told her to ring her da (I know I’m such a b***h haha). It was the funniest phone call I’ve witnessed in my entire life. (more…)

The Kitchen Gets Frankie-Proofed

Frankie’s into everything! He’s one, he exploring, everything he does is an adventure. He loves nothing more than sneaking into the kitchen as soon as I turn my back. He heads straight for the presses particularly the one with the dog food. I cannot remember the amount of times I have fished Tink’s dry food from his mouth. I think he has a taste for it at this stage.

So I’ve been non-stop nagging the other-half to fit some safety locks on the presses in the kitchen, and after months he finally did. Only because he spent Wednesday afternoon cleaning up a full bottle of olive oil that little lad had got his on whilst under his care.

This morning Frankie went on his usual travels into the kitchen and well he’s not impressed. He has treble checked every door and none of them open. His reaction or should I say tantrum was priceless.

But just as I thought I had one up on him. I left him unattended for like a minute in the bathroom. More the fool me…

A-Z of Me

Within the blogging world there is many tags shared amongst the wider blogging community to get to know each other a little bit more. Irish Parenting Bloggers El and Baby A and Where Is My Mind have both tagged me in a new sharing post called A-Z of me. So here it is, my A-Z of me. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I can play the button Accordion.

I have a Blood condition called thrombocytopenia.

My hair has been every Colour you could imagine, from pink to purple to orange. It’s one of the highlights of being a hairdresser.

Kayla and I have been to Disneyland twice.

I am voting YES for Marriage Equality in the upcoming Referendum.

I have Five tattoo’s.

I chose my three best friends as my children’s Godmothers.

I’m a qualified Hairdresser having completed a four year apprenticeship with Peter Marks.

I have a vibrant Imagination and I’m still looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

J is for Jojo, the nickname Kayla gave my partner when he became part of our little family.

Kayla will be choosing her little sister’s name and it also begins with K.

I was in Las Vegas when I was pregnant on Frankie for my mam and stepdad’s wedding. I have also been to LA.

M is for my Mammy. At 27 years of age I still run to my mammy if I’m sick or have any problems.

I love getting my Nails done.

I have OCD. I cannot leave unused electrical items plugged in. Even if I’m in someone else’s home I will switch off lights, plugs and switches.

My favourite movie of all time is A Little Princess. I still cry every single time I watch it.

I have a Fetac Level 5 Qualification in Healthcare.

I’m a Rocker. I love Motley Crue, Slash and Guns’N’Roses.

I have great elasticity in my skin and have no Stretch marks after having two children.

I have an underactive Thyroid.

I wish Unicorns were real.

I was a Vegetarian for 11 years until I craved chicken on my first pregnancy.

White chocolate is my go-to comfort food.

I found out I was pregnant on Kayla after collapsing and having an X-ray on my abdomen for unexplained pains.

 I love Yankee candles. My current favourite is baby powder.

I have a nap every single day. I love my Zzzzzzz’s.

Now I tag Tattooed Lady With A Baby and Love of Living to share your A-Z.

Image credit: Berit Alits Photography

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