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When The Kids Stink Of Christmas | Festive Fashion with F&F

festive fashion with f&f

As a mum with kids who have a room full to the brim with toys, I try to avoid gifting plastics to others at Christmas and it is exactly what I’ve done again this year. I love gifting fluffy pj’s, festive jumpers, slippers and anything to keep cosy through the winters months myself, who doesn’t? Each year I also buy the kids festive knits or dresses, it’s almost become a little tradition and this year was no different. We’ve teamed up with F&F to share some of their festive pieces in store this season and it’s been most probably one of my favourite little sprees of the year. The kids stink of Christmas.

While it was one of my favourites I actually found this task very hard if I’m honest. THERE.WAS.JUST.TOO.MUCH.CHOOSE.FROM. I wanted everything. So to make it easier for myself I let the kids pick and then I played with the remainder to spoil myself. I got a gorgeous glitter dress that will come in handy for over the Christmas. Joe will be celebrating his 30th so we’ll definitely have to go for few drinks.

The Big Kid chose a festive reindeer dress, the wild child chose the fluffiest jumper she could find, a bright snowman jumper that she has practically lived and slept in since. And the babog, my littlest got a stunning little-knitted reindeer jumper with matching leggings picked out by the boy believe it or not and he picked a ‘green-eyed monster’ Christmas tree jumper that lights up.

I’ve mentioned before on my blog and Snapchat, and I’ll do it again. I’m a massive fan of the F&F kid’s range. They wash well, the price is on point and I love collecting my Clubcard points to use on little adventures during the summer. This Christmas I actually used my vouchers to buy some of the mini Lego blind bags to pop into the Big Kids stocking. They were the cheapest I could find on my doorstep and without having to pay postage so it was a win-win for me.

If you log into your Tesco account you can choose to save your vouchers throughout the year and come summer you can cash them in for a heap of days out for all the family. For example. €4 in vouchers will admit one adult for free into Dublin Zoo, brilliant isn’t it? Other days out include Pet Farms, Museums, the National Aquatic Centre, indoor Play Centres and Leisure Plex just to name a few.

If you’re stuck for a gift over the Christmas or looking for some cheese to add to your Santa visit you’ve got to check out the F&F range in Tesco, they have so much to choose from festive bows, light-up earrings and the Christmas clothing range is to die for. The little sets for babies and all, WHERE IS MY BABY GONE? I’m eyeballing two shirts for The Boy and the Big Kid has been hounding me for a dress similar to the one above but with snowmen or penguins.

As you can see we’ve been Chrismafied. It’s without a doubt my favourite time of the year and as much as it makes Joe sweat I’ll do it every single year. Again F&F have lived up to my expectations and have some wonderful gift idea’s and festive fashions in store this Christmas.

F&F have a giveaway over on their Facebook page to win hampers of F&F goodies and all you have to do is fill in a short survey. They’ll be picking three winners at the end of the month so if you fancy your chances why not enter. It literally only takes a couple of minutes.

This a paid collaboration with F&F at Tesco Ireland. Thank you for supporting my blog and the brands that support it too.


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