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Simple Classic Irish Apple Tart With Pink Lady

pink lady apple pie tart national ploughing championships

When it comes to our food shop there is some corner we just don’t cut so you can only imagine how excited I was when one of our favourite brands got in touch to collaborate. We have eaten Pink Lady apples for years and I can guarantee you my three-year-old daughter could tell the difference between a standard apple and a crunchy PinKids, the smaller version of a Pink Lady that’s perfect for their little hands.


Why You Need To Visit Costa Brava

Late last year Girona Camping Association and Costa Brava Tourism invited me to experience camping, glamping and all things inbetween across Costa Brava WITHOUT my kids. They didn’t have to ask me twice! Here is how I got on, including the highlights from my trip, my favoutire campsite and what I would highly recommend.


Life Lately

What a summer. Lads it was non-stop. I got a childminder for it though, my guardian angel as my friends know her by. I swear, I would not have got through it without her. Summer was jam-packed, without a doubt my favourite to date. (more…)

Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park Family Theme Park Review

peppa pig world, paultons park, review

Absolutely no theme park will beat Paultons Parks, Peppa Pig World – it’s insane and I’m not even Peppa’s biggest fan. Let’s start by saying there are not enough hours in a day especially with smallies who want to go on absolutely everything but we were lucky. We went midweek as part of our UK road trip in July and luckily the kids were still in school so it worked in our favour. The best time to go to any UK theme park is the first two weeks of July, preferably midweek. (more…)

A Fashion Blogger I Am Not – An M&S Collab

marks and spencer collab my little babog kellie

I’m not a fashion blogger, in fact, clothes, in general, don’t really spark joy in me, the way they do in some people. I do love my jackets though, I’ve probably about 20 that I’m not willing to give up as we downsize to move into our new rented accommodation this weekend. The stress is real. As a busy working mum of four, I find most days a struggle to find something half decent to wear – well that was until this little opportunity.  (more…)

Walking On The Wild Side At Tenby Dinosaur Park, Wales

tenby dinosaur park wales dinosaurs, my little babog

Last month we travelled by sea to do a theme park marathon across the UK for our summer holiday. We spent four nights in Bluestone and ventured out twice, one of those days we stopped by The Dinosaur Park in Tenby. A dream for any dinosaur mad family, like ourselves. The boy lives and breathes dinosaurs and we fed his addiction this summer with a trip The Dinosaur Park, Paradise Wildlife Park and Paulton Park. (more…)