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Win a Balance Bike from The Dutch Bike Shop

The Dutch Bike Shop is Ireland’s leading supplier of Dutch City Bikes located in Goatstown, Dublin 14. They specialise in practical bicycles and accessories from the Netherlands. They aim to provide families with solutions to be able to cycle with their children on a daily basis as well as practical everyday use. (more…)

Win 4 Organic Cotton Kosy Baby Bandana Bibs

Kosy Baby is an small Irish business that supply, design and manufacture a variety of trendy and unique drool proof bandana bibs. Their bandana bibs are ethically produced from Oeko Tex certified cotton with a super soft and absorbent micro fleece layer that’s thinner than your average bib. Each Kosy Baby bandana bib has two nickel free poppers for added comfortable. (more…)

Win 1 of 3 Lottie Dolls

Some of you may already know but I’m a Lottie Doll Ambassador. Before I even began working with Lottie I was genuinely passionate about her. I love how age appropriate Lottie is, she’s very relatable for young children, recommended for kids aged 3-9. She has no make-up, heels or jewellery. She wears clothes kids would wear in real-life. She is ethnically diverse, with a range of eye, hair and skin colours. Each Lottie Doll has a back story and she loves adventures and the outdoors and use her imagination. She’s a positive, non-gender stereotypical toy and promotes creative imagination play, a positive healthy view on body image and she encourages and empowers young children. (more…)

Vanish Stain Remover Review and Giveaway

I’m notorious for throwing out the kids clothes out of pure laziness if they become stained. The main culprit is Frankie, I don’t know what he does be doing but every second day his clothes are destroyed with stubborn stains. The most common stains on his clothes are tomato sauce, strawberry and the worst of all, poop. The joys of motherhood! In most cases the stains are removable with a bit of man power but I’m not that domesticated so when Vanish contacted me to try out some of there stain removal products and I couldn’t refuse.



Obeo – Food Waste Box : Review & Giveaway

A couple of months I was approached to review Obeo – food waste boxes, and before you think the parenting blogger has lost her marbles, there’s a good reason behind it why I agreed. You know Frankie my man-child, the one who destroys my house on a daily basis? Yes him! Well when he found his knees, he found our bin and when he found our bin, he found the rubbish and well we all know babies and bins don’t go well together, so soon my bin was on my counter top. After a few weeks of it bugging the absolute shit out of me it ended up out the back garden by the patio door. Then we no longer had a bin but a plastic bag sitting on the draining board. (more…)

Penneys Haul & €50 Voucher Giveaway

Who doesn’t like a Penney’s haul? I’ve just started prepping my hospital bag and as you do I made a list of everything I needed clothes wise and took a trip into Penneys, Dundrum. There’s nothing like whizzing around all the different departments, you just can’t beat the price verses quality. And the home wares department is close becoming one of my favourites but unfortunately this trip wasn’t about pretty thing for my house, so I managed to avoid it. (more…)