A little inspiration for Sunday with a Mothers Day gift guide for every budget. Personally, I’d happily accept an au pair slash cleaner, a lie on past midday and this weekend’s winning Lotto ticket.

mothers day gift guide

Light Box

I got my light box as a gift from me to me over on Ali Express for a score and I love it. I took about a month to arrive but one of my favourite Instagram stores Moss Cottage have them for €39.95 if you want one before Sunday.

mothers day gift guide

Mama’s Drawing Room Illustration

Beautifully detailed pen drawings illustrating different aspects of motherhood and parenting. The aim of these drawings is to normalise and celebrate breastfeeding mums and you can commission pieces too. There’s an array of different instant prints from tandem feeding, baby wearing and mum and baby to choose from.

mothers day gift guide

A Personalised Necklace

This is exactly what I’m getting for Mother’s Day, isn’t it Joe? JOE! I saw Behind Green Eyes got Repeal on hers a couple of weeks back and thought it was a brilliant idea. You can up to ten letters on a personalised necklace, an absolute bargain at €26 if you ask me.

mothers day gift guide

A Night Away

Until I figure out how to get the littlest to drink from a boppy again this will be off the cards for us but this overnight stay at The Club House Hotel in Kilkenny is kind of awesome. It includes breakfast, dinner and late checkout for €79, another bargain!

mothers day gift guide

An Offspring On A String

If you’re a long time follower you’ll know I’m a huge fan and think these chains are adorable. They also branched out and you can now get little pet charms.

mothers day gift guide

Afternoon Tea

One of my favourites in this Mothers Day gift guide. I love nothing more than sneaking off for a Costa with the girls then swanning off to the Finnstown Castle for afternoon tea with the girls but this experience looks fab and is our to do list. Basically, it’s afternoon tea on a vintage bus through Dublin’s Fair City, it looks fab and is only €40 per couple.

 mothers day gift guide

be or KNOT to be

I absolutely adore these Be or KNOT to be statement necklace by The Crafty Mummy. They are made from Zpagetti/t-shirt yarn and are hand crocheted into gorgeous chunky necklaces averaging about eight euro’s a necklace.

mothers day gift guide

From Me To You Diary

I actually included this journal in last year’s Mothers Day gift guide too. Life is a beautiful journey sharing wonderful stories but sometimes we forget to record them. This beautiful Dear Mum journal contains sixty questions inspiring mum to write her life experiences and memories. Once completed it is given to your child when they are older to treasure.

Whatever you decide to spoil mum with try get the best offer you can. Have a goo around Living Social, Groupon or this site dealslands.co.uk has some brilliant discounts codes for buying online. And I know it’s not technically Mother’s Day related but the Mothercare codes kind of rock especially if your buying from the UK website and don’t forget to use Parcel Motel or Address Pal if they offer free UK postage. I always find it cheaper buying from the UK, especially with the amount of kids I have. Anyways, Happy Mothers Day WIMMIM, have a good one!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Kellie! Littlewoods do Light Boxes too, and Tesco, they’re brilliant. The novelty of writing bad words will never grow old…hope you had a lovely day yesterday!

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