UNICORN HOT CHOCOLATE. They exist. Myth brought to life. Magic in a cup. The stuff of childhood dreams. Straight from a fairy tale. Smooth PINK vanilla white chocolate, swirly whipped cream, squishy marshmallows and candy rainbows topped with a splash of sprinkles. Oh, mother of sweet divine.

unicorn hot chocolate kiltipper dublin

A couple of weeks back fashion blogger and pal, Keira from Just The F Word shared a Unicorn Hot Chocolate over on her snapchat and I almost died and went to heaven, unicorn heaven that is. If you know me at all really I’m a unicorn fanatic.


Tonight marked date night with the Big Kid and with the #lidlhealthhacks challenge the Unicorn Hot Chocolate was off the cards. So I pretty much bribed the Big Kid for the past couple of weeks. Basically every time she acted up I waved Keira’s snap in her face. I know, I know. Bad mammy. It bloody worked though!

It was €5.50 in the Kiltipper Cafe & Bar in Tallaght and I’d highly recommend showing your kid/s this photo, telling them if they want one to go clean their room. I promise you, you will see your reflection on their bedroom floor. The best fiver I’ve ever spent.

unicorn hot chocolate kiltipper dublin

unicorn hot chocolate kiltipper dublin

Oh, and if you do venture off to get one you must try the Kinder Surprise Sundae. It’s all kinds of amazing!

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