This morning a good friend of mine and blogger Tracey from Love of Living shared a heartbreaking story on snap chat to raise awareness about a young Irish girl named Shauntelle Tynan. Shauntelle is battling a very rare form of cancer, so rare she’s one in sixty million.

I donated this morning on the back of Tracey’s plea¬†without having seen Shauntelle’s heartbreaking story, I’ve literally just sat down to watch it now and I’m in tears. The poor girl is basically pleading with the public to help save her life. Shauntelle needs to travel to Texas at the end of next month for a year-long treatment costing of half a million euro.

Of course, as the treatment is outside of the EU our own Government will not help her. And it infuriates me, this girl is in desperate need, yet our government will not do anything to give her a chance of life.

I don’t know Shauntelle, her family or any of her friends but I need to help her get the word out to help raise the much needed life-saving funds so I am pleading with you, if you can spare the price of a coffee please DONATE it and help give this young girl a chance.

I have a spare Busy B 2017 diary there and I want to raffle it off to anyone who¬†donates. You don’t have to screenshot your donation or anything just let me know if you’ve donated to this very brave girl and I’ll pick a winner next week.

Please share this post, the gofundme campaign or the Youtube video…

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