This week on Meet the Mumtrepreneur I’m chatting with the founder of Peachy Baby Natural Skincare, Sinéad O’Brien. Sinéad is working full time, out the door at 6.30am every morning so she can get home early to her little fella and she works on Peachy Baby whilst he naps and when he’s in bed. I’ve recently purchased some Peachy Baby Natural Skincare products from her and I can see exactly why her business is thriving. We love it here!

Tell me a little about Peachy Baby Natural Skincare and how you came up with the idea?

I had very sensitive skin myself, I was using quite high-end brands and was not seeing any difference, so I wanted to try a more natural approach and did a natural skincare course. I began making skincare for myself and when others commented on how well my skin had improved I began to make it for others and so Peachy began. Nine months ago I had my little boy Seán, and I was making all the oils and creams for his skin and so the natural progression into natural skincare for children began and Peachy Baby Natural Skincare was born.

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What has been your biggest challenge starting-up?

I have found one of my biggest challenges starting up was time management, working full time, running a business and being a mum all in the one day can be quite challenging, but as time has gone on I can definitely say time management is getting much much better, I just wish there were more hours in a day.

How did you fund Peachy?

Peachy has been funded organically to date something which I am very proud of. Now through the help of our local enterprise board, we will be growing and expanding due to the demand for Peachy, which has been overwhelming and very touching.

How do you juggle it all, how do you manage childcare?

I have a hugely supportive family and partner, at the moment I have returned to full-time work as a medical scientist and so my little boy is minded by my mother & a family friend (1 day). I also changed working hours to start at 6.30am so I can be home early afternoon to try to have as much time as possible with Sean, and I work on Peachy when he is napping or gone to bed. At weekends I work both Saturday and Sunday mornings on Peachy & Peachy Baby while Sean and his Daddy spend quality time together. It is so important to me that I am able to work on my business as much as possible at times which does not infringe on my time with my amazing little boy, allowing me to get some fun into my day too.

What are you most proud of since setting up Peachy and Peachy Baby Natural Skincare?

I am so proud that I have taken something, initially just started to help myself, and created Peachy & Peachy Baby which are now rapidly expanding businesses. Peachy & Peachy Baby have both created little communities around themselves, where our loyal customers have now become friends and I am so proud that it has been Peachy & Peachy Baby bringing these people together. I love that I regularly receive feedback from mothers who were feeling at a loss of how to treat their little ones irritated skin and they have found a solution in Peachy Baby, I am so proud to be able to help! I am also hugely proud to be part of such a supportive women’s network in business the WomensInspire group which via twitter has created this huge network of women and men who all support one another in business, this support can be a saving grace at times when you can get overwhelmed with all that goes on in 1 day lol!

What words of advice would you give to other mums who are thinking about setting up their own business?

If you have a good business idea, be confident and stick with it! It will be hard at first, but you WILL find your feet & you WILL succeed once you put in the hard work. Accept help from those around you, no one can do it all on their own! And remember you are amazing for even beginning this journey.

That’s brilliant advice Sinead, what’s next for you and your business?

Since appearing on Ireland AM on TV3 things for Peachy and Peachy Baby have gone from strength to strength. We have now considerably expanded our customer base and we have been approached by a number of companies to get involved in sponsoring upcoming events and/or come on board with their businesses. We will be launching Peachy Baby Natural Skincare into pharmacies soon. We have also been approached by RTE to do some work with Peachy in 2017… so watch this space!

And finally, where will we find you online?

Check out our website or our social media channels, we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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