During my pregnancy on Kenzie, I wondered a lot about our future, everything from coping at home with four smallies to finances. Emotions were high and I stressed a lot about money. How the hell were we going to afford another baby? Poor Joe works every hour god sends as it was. Since then I put my heart and soul into this blog, I really put myself out there. I wanted to make a real go of it.

I got my name on the lists of some of the top PR companies across Ireland and UK. The opportunities rolled in, my inbox was full of sponsored post and opportunities, I could literally take my pick, some companies offering big bucks too. But it came at a cost. One multinational company agreed to a four figure sum for me to work with them on a contract basis. It was a disposable nappy company, while we do you use sposies on the toddler I love my cloth nappies too much and declined what was probably the biggest opportunity yet as I could not mention any brand of nappy or share pictures of our fluff for a whole year. Shit buzz, I know.

Just before that one landed in my inbox another multinational company got in touch also offering huge money, money that could have sorted us out for Christmas or paid next months rent but again I had to turn it down. Even though the posts would be about feeding and family life it was for a formula company. Now I have no issues with formula, I have three formula fed kids. I really couldn’t give two shits how you feed your child but I’m currently exclusively breastfeeding (and rocking it!) so it would go against my current ethos.

Then there were ones about air conditioning in the home (I live in Ireland?), changing a car tyre (Pahahahaha), picking the right tiles for your bathroom along with a list of paid reviews on products I have absolutely no interest in, nor would you.

If I had of worked with these companies, I would have been selling myself short just for the sake of a few quid, okay a bit more than a few quid but you get my drift. I have too much respect for my readers and myself. My blog has opened so many doors, I write regularly for websites and magazines and I get the most amazing review opportunities but for me personally there is no money in parenting blogging unless I’m willing to go against everything I stand for.

I’m a grafter, in no time at all my kids will be at school and I cannot see myself going back into my trade. I’ve lost my love for hairdressing a long time ago. I do have my plaque business and it’s thriving but it only runs over the Christmas period, I need something more.

Over the past month, I’ve been brainstorming an idea that came to me the week Kenzie was born. And since then I have decided to bring this product to market on the back of my blog. I’ve been making contacts, talking to industry professional and making a real go of it. I even start a course next month to help design it myself. It’s all very exciting, well for me anyways.

I have decided to blog about my new adventure, although I’ll be keeping the product top secret until closer to launch day and if everything goes to plan I’ll bringing my product to market next Spring.

meet the mumtrepreneur irish mammy interview

Next Wednesday I will launch Meet the Mumtrepreneur on the blog. A series of interviews with Irish mammies who set up a baby or toddler related business whilst pregnant, on maternity leave or while running around after their very own mini army. You’ll get to see some of Irelands best homegrown baby and toddler products, some you may not have seen before and there may be a discount or giveaway in it for you too.

It’s all very exciting, I just hope it’s not a big flop now before I even get the prototype together.

Wish me luck.

If you’re an irish mammy in the baby business and would like to be interviewed and featured as part of my new series pop an email to mylittlebabog@gmail.com. And while I have you, how amazing is the new series logo? A commissioned piece by the very talented Daydreams and Ice Creams. She makes the most beautiful family illustrations, they would make the most beautiful and unique gift if you had a birthday coming up. And she’s a mammy too.

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  1. I seriously don’t know how you do it all, but you have my utter respect! I have no doubt you’ll do brilliantly with your new business venture and wish you all the best. Those graphics are amazing too, I’m off to check out the page now 🙂

  2. Best of luck Kellie, no idea where you get the time! I have just 1 baby and I find there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is! Excited to hear what you’ve come up with and well done with the breastfeeding, it’s no picnic but so great when it works x

    PS I definitely don’t think you need to read the post below from my blog!!! 🙂
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  3. This sounds so exciting. Good luck with it all lovely. I can’t wait to read more about it and also to read your new Meet the Mumtrepeneur series. Fab logo. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. Good luck with your series. I run ‘Interview With A Mumpreneur’ on Life Unexpected and have found it so inspiring and motivating learning how other mums have started businesses when they have children. We really do need to give ourselves a lot more credit. I absolutely can’t wait to come back and read your series and hear some answers to some different questions and to find out how more mamas do it. 😀 xxx
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