On Saturday Kayla, Kenzie and I snook out for a couple of hours to go strawberry picking in Lamberts Fruit Farm just up in the Dublin mountains close to the DSPCA. I’ve always wanted to go strawberry picking or fruit picking in general but never knew such places existed in Dublin never mind Ireland until a friend told us about it whilst robbing snuggles from little K.


We planned to arrive at 10am but as you know newborns don’t have a routine so we didn’t actually reach the farm until just before midday. Unfortunately for us, the best of the strawberries had already been picked but there was still a good few left. It added some fun having to root and search in the strawberry beds.


They had two huge fields with beds and beds of strawberries, a massive raspberry field, almost like a maze, Kayla was getting lost in the bushes, deliberately mind you. I think she thought she was Mammy Pig and needed rescuing. There was redcurrants, tayberries, and blackcurrants on the farm too.

We had a really fun morning on the fruit farm strawberry picking. I found it very educational for the big kid, she was asking all sorts of questions. Some of them I couldn’t answer and sought help from some of the staff and they were very helpful and friendly. I also thought it would work out the same price as the in shops with the fun element thrown in but it’s not, in fact, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. Tayberries and raspberries are priced at €3.50 a lb and €7.70 a kg. Strawberries are €2.06 a lb and €5.06 a kg. A bargain if you ask me. I couldn’t believe we got a large bag of strawberries and raspberries for €4.80. I almost wanted to go back and get more.


Lambert’s Fruit Farm open Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10am and close once the fruit has been picked. They recommend you ring ahead for fruit availability. They keep their Facebook page updated so if you’re planning a trip it’s worth keeping an eye on the page and don’t forget a pot or something to bring home all your delicious strawberries. There is plenty of parking on the fruit farm and I must mention the gorgeous view of Dublin from the top of the hill, it was breathtaking. We had a great morning, and the strawberries were delicious. We’ll definitely be going back and this time, we’ll be in the queue at 10am to get all the big strawberries.

15 Comments on Strawberry Picking at Lambert’s Fruit Farm

  1. Strawberry picking was a rite of passage in wexford for 12/13 year olds – though funnily enough I never did it! Must do it next summer – I didn’t know you could do it in Dublin either

  2. Sounds like a really great activity for kids (and parents); with the added benefits of fresh air and fresh berries 🙂 Well done on getting out the door at all with a newborn to look after.

  3. Ahh I’m so glad you wrote this post, we’ve been thinking to go fruit-picking, but I wasn’t sure if we could having a newborn, But you did it! How did you take baby, in a sling or buggy? You’ve totally inspired me to go now! xx

  4. We haven’t made it around to fruit picking just yet… it’s still on my to do list. We were going to go yesterday but it started raining typically! Hopefully their will still be some fruit by the time we get around to it. It’s such a great activity!

  5. I am desperate to take my daughter strawberry picking and this has made me want to do it even more. We’re struggling to find somewhere near us that does it though. 🙁 Looks like you had a fab time. x

  6. this is exactly what I’ve been planning on doing with my boys this summer. Now I’ve read this I’ve pencilled it in for next week!

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