Yesterday I got so excited when my six-year-old came in looking for an empty jam jar, and with the day I was having anything aside from teething, heat and waddling would have put a smile on my face. I knew in an instant what she wanted it for. She wanted to catch bees. Remember when we were kids and we spent our summer months crawling the muc hills collecting bees and those sticky balls to torture the kids on the next road? Yep, her need for a jam jar brought me back and reminded me what summer was about. Oh man, the 90’s rocked.

These days kids aren’t as street wise and don’t get to play out like we use too. It’s just not as safe as it once was. But after our jam jar incident yesterday I’m determined to bring summer back. Remember the euro’s in 1996, that was probably one of the best summers ever. Street parties galore.

Summer is never without a trip to Courtown.

Summer is endless water fights with empty fizzy bottles.

Summer is heading down the mobile or visiting family down the country and it most likely starts lashes rain once you arrive.

Summer is tip the can and bull dogs charge.

Summer is blocking the streets with a game of rounders.

Summer is street parties.

Summer is bumps, scrapes, and bruises.


Summer is collecting lollipop sticks (ewh).

Summer is the Confirmation lads charging £1 to cut your grass.

Summer is coming in when the lights go on.

Summer is playing curbs and getting double points for scoring over a car.

Summer is chalk.


Summer is your neighbour giving you 20p for picking up the rubbish in their garden.

Summer is hopscotch.

Summer is skipping.

Summer is roller skates (not wheelies), skateboards and bikes.

Summer is the garden gates tied with a shopping bag.

Summer is being silly.


Summer is waiting on the ice-cream man.

Summer is taking a joy ride on the back of the ice-cream van.

Summer is only paying 99p for a 99 or begging your mammy for a banana boat THAT YOU NEVER ATE.

Summer is running for dear life when you see your mammy coming with the suncream.

Summer is making daisy chains.

Summer is all the mammies and daddies sitting on the wall having the banter.

Summer is fish and chips by the seaside.

My kid went out looking for bees yesterday on her flicker and she came home with a snail, who even does that. PMSL. Oh, how times have changed.


Lads it’s blog awards season and I’m shortlisted in the Maternity & Infant awards in the Best Parenting Blog category, naturally. So I’m dropping this link here in the hope that you will vote for me, that’s if my blog tickles your fancy.

Voting closes in a couple of days, here’s the link (and the easiest way to vote is to scroll down and sign in using FB) 

That is all. As you were.


9 Comments on Bring Back The 90’s

  1. Yep…’ve pretty much just described my “90’s” childhood – such fond memories! We definitely need to bring some of these back for our own children! xx

  2. i think we should bring back street parties! what a way to bring a neighbourhood together and get a real feel of community. oh i do love the summer. lovely post!

  3. I am 51, but I did all that when I was young, we used to go up the bing (slag heap from the old coal mines) with a couple of kwenchy cups and a packet of custard creams…. My friends and I used to weed the garden or cut the hedge (and tidy up afterwards, it went on the compost heap at the bottom of the garden) for an ice lolly made with orange squash in tupperware moulds x

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