Last month we received an insulated food flask worth €15.99 from Mummy Cooks to review. Complete with stickers to customize it, Kayla claimed it in seconds (even though it was for her). Kayla loves soup, it’s just one of her things but it’s got to be butternut squash soup. If she was to eat one food for the rest of her life, that would be it.


It’s very hard to please a fussy eater so we were onto a winner with the insulated food flask, so much that we put it to the test that afternoon. I almost lost a finger cutting the butternut squash, I hate the stuff, it’s an absolute nightmare to chop. Well, she sipped her soup directly from it, as if to give it her seal of approval but it was the next day that really proved it’s worth. SHE ATE ALL HER LUNCH!


  • The flask holds up to 300mls of food.
  • The double-wall vacuum insulation helps retain temperature keeping food hot or cold for six hours.
  • It has an extra-wide mouth so it’s super easy to fill, clean and serve.
  • The plastic is BPA Free and the flask is stainless steel.
  • Really handy for big kids lunch or snacks on the go and picnics.
  • It has done somersaults in the school bag and hasn’t leaked and it’s easy to open for little hands.


  • The flask is only available in one size. I’d love to see Siobhan create a bigger flask for family outings. It would be great to bring snacks for all the kids when we head off on our adventures rather than multiple flasks.

I’m loving the Mummy Cooks insulated food flask and the big kid too, she thinks she’s only deadly bringing soup into school. She loved the stickers that came with it, she customized as seen above to make it clear to everyone that it’s for her only. It’s saved endless arguments about the lunch menu, and it’s super handy for the babogs on weekends (when she’s in her dads, god forbid she catches me using it). I can make their lunch early and store it in the flask and don’t have to worry about heating it up later in the day. I would definitely purchase another food flask and will be in time for our summer outings.

For more information on Mummy Cooks insulated food flask check out

I received a Mummy Cooks insulated food flask in return for an honest review.

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  1. I just bung the entire squash in the oven on a tray. I leave it in about an hour, then you can cut it down the middle, scoop out the filling cos it’s all soft, and blend!

    • Ah but that would take ages to make soup. I put some hidden veggies in too… Onions, garlic, herbs and tablespoon of peas. It would take forever to cook squash first then make tge soup don’t you think?

  2. I bake my butternut squash for a few minutes before peeling/cutting as it softens it! I also love butternut squash soup 🙂 this looks like a fab product x

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