Thou shall purchase a pack of Aldi’s finest Mamia wipes to clean ones home.

Thou shall not run from projectile vomit. Thou shall run towards it, with cupped hands too.

Thou shall do more in the five minutes before Daddy arrives home than one has done all day. Haven’t stopped, PAH!

Thou shall carry raisins, lollipops and snacks of any kind. Yano just in case.

Thou will never shower again, let alone piss.

Thou shall master the art of eating sweets without moving ones jaw. The sleeve trick always works a treat (pun intended).

Thou shall forget what a full nights sleep is. Himself keeps reminding me that we need a night away, just so we can sleep like crazy!

Thou shall pray in thanks to the creators of Lego, Minecraft and YouTube. I could hug you.

Thou shall feed their kids only healthy foods. Here have another Chickatee.

Thou shall re-enact the final scenes of The Lion King to sniff babies butt. The circle of my life.




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