Today I was gifted a homemade card. It read Happy Mother’s Day love XXX. A picture of me smiling. Loads of kisses. It wasn’t from one of my kids, but one of Kayla’s friends.

I’m heart-broken having received this card. I’m holding back the tear as my kid and this kid play happily in the playroom just now. This kids Mammy is not around and she is being reared by family. She’s a beautiful little kid.

Most likely she won’t get to share Mothers Day with her mammy. I don’t know if she even calls her mother mammy. I don’t even know when was the last time that she’s seen her mammy. Not that it’s any of my business but that’s beside the point.

This kid is a really good kid. Polite. Well mannered. A credit to her carers.

Tomorrow I would love to swan off for afternoon tea. Or sleep on past midday. But instead I’ll wake up with Kadie’s feet across my face, and Kayla on my toes. Frankie will be screaming from a distance to get ‘OUUUH’.

Tomorrow I will spend mothers day with my kids. I’ll hug them. I’ll feel guilty at all the times I’ve given out to them. We’ll play. I’ll think I’m doing a shit job. We’ll cook. I’ll be told ‘it’s unfair’. We’ll probably go the park too.

Tomorrow will be no different from any other day. Tomorrow morning some kids will wake up without their mammy. Spare a thought for those kids, even those kids who are now grown up.

Whatever you do, make the most of your day. I’m gonna hug mine a little tighter.

Happy Mothering Sunday.

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  1. I don’t make a big deal out of these days, there’s kids without mums and mums without their children, I think it’s a harsh reminder for them so I try not to make a fuss. Hope the little girl had someone to hug her and tell her they love her today x

  2. Very thought provoking… And what an honour to get such a lovely card, it’s easy to get wrapped up in such occasions but you’re, right there are those children who have love to give and no one to offer it to. You have clearly made an impact on her little life… Xx

  3. So true. My mam is alive but doesn’t do nothing with me really. She never has been and never will be a mother figure in my life. I always try my best with my kids x

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