The Gummee Glove is a multi-textured teething glove for babies ideally aged 3-6 months. Its unique design is aimed to help soothe babies suffering from teething. It’s a multi-sensory teether with a crinkly insert, stimulating babies with its texture and sound. Also included is a removable heart-shaped teething ring and as an added bonus it can be chilled in the fridge for extra comfort and relief.

We actually have two gloves, I purchased one for Frankie last year and it was a life saver so it was my go-to teething aid when Kadie began teething also almost two months ago. For the first few days of using her Gummee Glove, Kadie chewed and chomped on the opposite hand and bashed herself with the glove instead. It took a good week for her to get used to it. She happily munches and gnaws on it now.

 gummee glove teething aid review


  • I found the Gummee Glove absorbs excess dribbles.
  • The glove is machine washable and comes with a drawstring laundry bag (handy for storage and transportation too).
  • The revolutionary glove provides genuine relief and entertainment for babies.
  • There is no need to be constantly picking up the Gummee Glove unlike your average teething toy, it fits securely on their hand with a velcro fastening.
  • We use and wash our Gummee Glove daily and it hasn’t faded or lost shape, it’s very durable.
  • It’s a multi-sensory teething toy with textured chewy bits and crinkly sounds.
  • No more munching on fingers and toes!


  • If Kadie is a little fidgety I find it hard to get her hand into the glove with the little opening above the velcro.
  • At present the Gummee Glove is only available in yellow or turquoise blue, I would love to see a variation in colours.
  • Both of the silicone teethers on either side of the glove have the same patterns. I would love to see two different textures for babies to chew on.

Gummee glove review teething aid 3-6 months

Overall I really like the award-winning Gummee Glove and I would definitely recommend it for teething babies aged between 3-6 months. It give’s genuine comfort, entertainment and a mouthful of relief!

In Ireland, Gummee Glove can be found in Bella Baby, Baby Moments, Hush Little Bubba, Mo Leanbh, Hey Baby and All Things Baby. I can also confirm Hush Little Bubba as the most competitive Irish stockist at €15.50 a glove. For more information on the Gummee Glove check out

I received a Gummee Glove for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. They sound perfect for my neice who’s now a month old I’d say the pros outweigh the cons
    Brilliant idea

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