Last years Yummy Mummy Christmas Giveaway was huge and this year it’s even bigger and better. Due to the amount of products that have arrived for the hampers over the past few weeks I have decided to separate them into three different giveaways. So today kicking off #theBIGmammygiveaway is this awesome hamper filled with baby products worth over €100.


The winner will receive:
Two packets of the worlds pure wipes – WaterWipes.
Softening Body Lotion and Cleansing Wash Gel from organic baby brand NAIF. These guys recently launched in Ireland so definitely keep an eye out for them.
Wholefoods Ireland have given some Teetha granules (I swear by these!) and some Teetha gel to add to the baby hamper.
Sona have added some of their newly launched BabyBiotic and their infant D3 Vitamin drops.
Also in the hamper you will find a digital bath and bedroom Philips Advent thermometer (very useful especially for first time mammies).
Did you know I’m a bandana bib addict? Well have added some adorable printed bibs. I kind of want to keep them.
There’s some fabulous Atlantic Aromatics baby massage oil. I’ve been using this stuff on Kadie, it’s beautiful! A soft lavender and camomile, it’s very soothing.
In the hamper we also have some Sootha, a natural cough relief for babies of 12m+ and some more Vitamin D3 this time from Bright Start.

To enter:

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and COMMENT below and tell me which of the baby products above is your favourite and why.

Don’t forget to enter to Win a Pamper Hamper worth over €200 or a Win a Children’s Hamper worth €100!!

Competition closes December 20th at 9pm. Winner will be notified by email and announced on My Little Babogs Facebook page. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. Giveaway is open worldwide.

167 Comments on Win a Baby Hamper worth over €100 #theBIGmammygiveaway

  1. My Favourite product would be the Water Wies. I found them to be very gentle for wiping little faces, as well as behinds!! I love that these wipes are biodegradable and contain no chemicals plus they stay wet. Afew times I left the package open, yet the water wipes stayed wet. Anyone who’s ever opened a package of regular baby wipes knows that they dry out quickly.

  2. Fab prize, could do with this 🙂 Has to be the Teetha granules..they were a life saviour on my Daughter and all natural so you didn’t feel like she was drugged lol

  3. I have used many of these products and swear by them. eg water wipes, teetha granules. But I think the item thats stands to time is the Avent thermometer. My eldest is 3 now and has been used since day 1 of her life. It goes from room to room in my house. Im due my 3rd in January so this product will still be in use for a good while!!
    Twitter – @dollybird321
    FB – Denise Rl

  4. The bibs, I’m an addict also and still use them for my 20 month old but there’s another little guy on the way shortly and I’m definitely going to need some more!

  5. Baby number 2 due soon so would love to win this hamper!!! Favourite product definitely teetha granules they are brilliant!! 🙂

  6. I found the teetha products worked wondering with my son when he was teething. This hamper would be amazing as I am expecting my second child in the coming months.

  7. Water wipes fantastic, no irritation ever…and while teething my little man likes to suck on cooling wipe, their only ones I’ll let him chew on.

  8. Love the teetha granules. My 6 month old girl has been teething on and off for the past few months (still no tooth though!!). Her face lights up when she sees me coming with the sachet. Gives her great relief x

  9. I’m a new father-to-be so I can’t say I have a favorite yet but this prize would be a great surprise for my wife!!

  10. The Teetha teething granules are my favourite because they are easy to use, they work, and babies love the taste.

  11. My favourite product is babyboo bibs my 4 month old is a right little dribbler and these keep him completely dry wish I had them for our first 2 babies

  12. I love Baby boo bibs, such lovely patterns and colours and so soft and absorbent. (My twitter and fb have differing names but I do now follow you on both!)

  13. There are lots of useful products in the hamper but I love The bibs are fantastic they are so soft on baby’s skin

  14. I love the baby wipes and the bibs. My little 4 month is a dribbling drooling monster. I can never have enough bibs.

  15. Amazing hamper! Perfect for Baby no 2 on the way. Love love love water wipes, and I seriously don’t think I would have got through the teething with my daughter without teetha!

  16. Water wipes and the Baby bibs! My friend swears by them and I’ve been meaning to get a few so this would be perfect!

  17. Love the water wipes. We’ve been using them since our little one was born and there is no sign of any soreness or nappy rash.

  18. Teetha, my little man is teething like crazy and so uncomfortable. The granules give him such relief he gets excited when he sees them coming

  19. It has to be teetha granules, my little girl loves them and nearly work instantly, and I’m also dying to try babyboos dribblers

  20. Love water wipes. So gentle. They stay wet and don’t have that horrible synthetic smell that so many other wipes have.

  21. Hamper looks amazing! Would love it. I love water wipes – best wipes by a mile. They are gentle and they stay wet. Best of all they have none of that horrible synthetic smell that so many wipes have

  22. I am most excited for the digital bath and bedroom Philips Advent thermometer! I always worry it’s not the right temperature and would put my mind at ease. I follow you on twitter and Facebook

  23. I would love the thermometer and put my mind at ease during bath time! I would say it’s a must have with a newborn because their skin is so delicate! Following on twitter and Facebook.

  24. What a fantastic prize. My fab is definitely the water wipes. I have tried other wipes and nothing compares to these on my little mans bum – and face! X

  25. The Nelson cough syrup is my favourite, little kids always need a relief from coughing and this just works wonders! What a lovely prize – my sister is due her first new baby next week and this would be a wonderful gift for her! Thank you xx

  26. I love the cool bibs everything else will be used as and when they needed my little 6week old will use everything no doubt!

  27. The baby massage oil with calendula sounds absolutely devine ……but it would all be put to very good use especially the vitamins ….❤️®❤️

  28. Waterwipes, they are first thing I reach for with a newborn in hospital, delicate enough to be used on baby’s bum for the lovely first tar like nappies. I learnt my lesson using cotton wool it was like I was trying to pluck a chicken by the end of it haha sweat was pouring off me!

  29. Love the Atlantic Aromatics baby massage oil. It is a great way to calm and relax your baby while bonding with them at the same time. Great prize! Fingers crossed!

  30. Wow this is a really useful hamper to win with no2 on the way after Christmas 🙂 this would be great to have I think teetha was one of the best things to have in any house when there is a poor baba suffering with their teeth as you don’t want to see them in any pain I would teeth for them if I could to take their pain away xx

  31. I find the water wipes are fantastic for my little ones bottom evening for face and hands..not reactions at all!

  32. The Baby Massage Oil works a treat, so soothing and relaxing that it gives me and the wife some relaxation time of our own as he lies in a melodic trance , best on the market agus is rud Geailge é freisin!

  33. I adore the Baby Massage Gel, it works a treat and provides such a soothing and relaxing experience for our 2 year old that even I’m jealous of agus is gnó Geailge é, iontach!

  34. the baby massage oil, our second daughter is die in April if shes anything like our other daughter the massage oil, relaxed her so much

  35. Bebe is still cooking, but the Atlantic Aromatics baby massage oil looks fabulous and can’t wait to be able to use it!

  36. Water wipes, they are amazing, I tried Johnsons extra sensitive wipes but even they gave him sand paper bum. One day of using just water wipes and the rash went. I caught it before it got sore on him but now I need to find waterwipes on offer somewhere

  37. I have found the teetha gel and granules to be a fantastic product even though they are a home apathetic product i would still recommend them , as a dad to a two year old little girl i found the granules to be a great help when she was at her worst when teeting.

  38. Teetha granules are fantastic! My friend is exspecting a little girl in January, these would be a must have for her.

  39. Baby wipes….You really can never have enough of these! I have salvaged many messy, pooey situations with these bad boys.

  40. The Softening Body Lotion from Naif would have to be my favourite because I only choose organic products to avoid adverse skin reactions

  41. The Sona Babybiotic would be my favourite because I like to supplement my sons food intake in order to boost his immune system

  42. The little bibs r so cute…they would be perfect for my friends wee one!I follow u on twitter …thanks for chance…merry Xmas!

  43. The Teetha toothing gel is a fabulous product, ideal to ease the pain of teething and prevent sleepless nights.

  44. Water wipes, my sister has just had her baby 11 weeks early and is just starting to be allowed to change his bum on her own, and these would be perfect for his sensitive skin xx

  45. Nelson Teetha is my favourite product, and i would be glad to give this hamper to my best friend who had a baby on Friday – she will be needing that Teetha before she knows it!

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