Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I just love watching their little faces on Christmas morning. This Christmas will be even better now that Frankie is old enough to rip open his, so it’s all very exciting. Here’s my Christmas 2015 gift guide for girls (and boys too!) and some of what My Little Babog will be finding under the big tree this year.

Gift gulde for girls Christmas 2015 what to buy

1. Did you see the Late Late ToyShow on Friday night? As a brand ambassador I was chuffed to see Lottie appear, I love Lottie and everything about her. I love how age appropriate and relatable she is for young children, she’s recommended for kids aged 3-9. She has no make-up, heels or jewellery. She wears clothes kids would wear in real-life. She is ethnically diverse, with a range of eye, hair and skin colours. Each Lottie Doll has a back story and she loves adventures and the outdoors and use her imagination. She’s a positive, non-gender stereotypical toy and promotes creative imagination play, a positive healthy view on body image and she encourages and empowers young children.

Not only are Lottie dolls all of the above Pony Club Lottie is a fabulous dupe for Barbie’s Saddle N’ Ride and €20 cheaper, oh and did I mention Lottie is IRISH??? And there’s a Kite Flyer Finn Lottie for the boys too.

2. Everyone knows PieFace and if you haven’t get out from under the rock, it’s one of the best-selling games this Christmas. Being the little bargain hunter I am I couldn’t justify €30 on a piece of hard card and plastic so I sourced Splat at half the price. I cannot wait to splat cream into Joe and Granda’s face Christmas night.

3. Chemistry Lab is for the little wannabe scientists in your life. This kit contains 100 safety tested experiments and it’s great for fun and one-on-one time with your kids. The Science Mad Chemistry Lab has a detailed manual to guide you through your experiments.

4. The Fairy Reward Box is a beautifully crafted, wooden fairy house that will look stunning in any child’s bedroom. Rather than a traditional reward chart, children receive silver wooden tokens in the shape of stars which they post into the Reward Box. The tokens can then be replaced (ideally overnight by a magic ‘good behaviour’ fairy) with small rewards as they achieve their goals. The Fairy Reward Box can be personalised by your child with their name and some fun characters too.

We have one here a few weeks now and I have noticed a big change in her behaviour and she works so hard to earn her tokens. Homework, bedtime and little chores have been completed without fuss as she tries to earn little rewards, it’s genius. Use voucher code EARLYBIRD for 25% off and there’s also a boys alternative too in the shape of a pirate chest.

5. There’ll be no Disney or Elsa or anything of the sort in our house this year. It’s all about Lottie this Christmas. Snow Queen Lottie is a fabulous doll and she makes a great Elsa alternative too.
As above each Lottie doll has a back story and Snow Queen Lottie is off to a masked ball in a magnificent ice blue and frosty white gown studded in silver snowflakes, she is absolutely stunning. I can guarantee you this will be my little babogs favourite toy this Christmas, she’s been eye-balling her for months.

6. The Hedbanz board game is a brain teaser kids game where your children try to guess the clue that is in their headband. There is a hidden cartoon picture in the headband and your child needs to do is to figure out the hidden object.

7. What kid doesn’t like getting crafty with glitters, glue and sticky tape? This beautiful scrap booking box is a steal and full to the brim with lots of fun and creative crafty bits to keep them entertained for hours!

8. I have a Lush Bath Bomb addiction and the big kid has inherited my love for bath fizz. With this set kids can experiment with all the ingredients and make your own scented bath bombs. This bath bomb factory also teaches you about the science behind ‘fizz’ and the changes that occur when materials are mixed. Also once the ingredients run out they’re easily sourced so you can continue to make more throughout the year!

7 Comments on Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Girls

  1. Great ideas here – the scrapbooking kit really caught my eye, I think I’d quite like one of those myself 🙂 My daughter is mad into science and I know she would have loved the chemistry set when she was younger.

  2. We love Headbanz! It’s such a fun game. The reward box is definitely something I’d get for the little ones. Great selection of pressies.

  3. These are SUCH lovely gifts!!! That Lottie doll would have had my name all over it, when I was a little girl!! She looks fabulous! And I love the chemistry kit too – I used to be obsessed with creating potions and magical brews when I was little!!

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