So the Christmas tree is going up in a couple of months and I’m absolutely dreading putting up the tree. This year we’ve a toddler and a wobbler and neither of them give a rats what I say. I can just see the boy climbing it like last year and the wobbler and swinging one-handed laughing at me like Chucky the Clown. I’m considering all of these Christmas tree hacks again…

1. Hang the tree upside down from the roof.

2. Have a bare tree with no decorations.

3. Surround tree with an electric fence. 

4. Decorate top half of tree.

christmas tree hacks toddlers

5. Secure toddler in handcuffs.

6. Put tree in a playpen.

7. Move toddler and wobbler out until after Christmas.

8. Put toddler and wobbler into a cage.

9. Get a wall decal Christmas tree.

chrismas tree hacks

10. Install the largest most secure fence you have ever seen.

11. Decorate the tree with things that the toddler dislikes like pictures of bedtime and vegetables.

12. Secure tree to wall with 6378 ropes, chains, and cable ties.

13. Wrap tree in cling film.

christmas tree toddler hacks

14. Get a tree with a really really really long trunk.

15. Not bothering to put up a tree at all.

19 Comments on Toddler Proof Your Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Hacks

  1. When mine were tiny I only put the tree up a few days before Christmas and it was trashed even at that! My friend had to do the ‘decorate the top half of the tree’ thing when her twins were small and I actually suggested to my sister that she put her tree in a play pen this year to save it from her almost one-year old little fella. He’s really into climbing at the moment… could be dodgy…

    Great post!

  2. decorate bottom half with soft toys ans surround base with softtoys,NO, and i mean NO breakable decorations anywhere in the house (used to hang them froma swag near the door- sadly no more,) attache tree to wall/speaker/door with fishing line and,i know it is sacrilege, but a light fake tree removes a lot of worry. all 3 of mine past toddlerhood now, but still no breakables this year, but no soft toys too.

  3. Hahahaha I love this!!! Last year we thought sod it, get a real one, a prickly one that can at least fight back a little. We thought it would last a day or 2 at most, but the little one was happy enough with a tinsel decorated basket of his own baubles in a different colour. This year there will be an almost 8 month old and a 28 month old… I don’t fancy the tree’s chances as much!

  4. They are hilarious!!! My boy is 4.5 now. When I was pregnant, my mum said that she was not moving any breakables from the house and the tree was decorated as per normal. I was having palpitations.
    In fairness, he learned very quickly that touching something he wasn’t allowed touch, wasn’t worth the little rap on the hand he got. He’s NEVER broken anything on the tree or otherwise.
    Although I’m eating my words because now, being the rough and tumble child he is, he horses around the house crashing into everything!!
    It’s worth keeping breakables around because when they go to non child friendly houses, they know not to touch anything.

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