This morning was grand. No fighting. No arguing. We made it to school on time. The babies napped n’sync. I played some games with the one-year-old. Breakfast and lunch was eaten with no fuss. And I had a couple of uninterrupted coffees.

The boy was happily playing in the playroom and the Big Kid was now home from school marrying her Lottie’s. I thought sure I’ll sneak in a cat nap on the sofa while everyone is quiet.

Some twenty minutes later…
‘Mammy why does Frankie have chocolate?’
‘Mammy where’s my chocolate?’
‘Frankie can I have some?
‘Ehhh what’s that?
‘He’s going to eat it’
‘That’s my toothbrush’
‘It’s on the windows’
‘It’s on the sofa and the curtain and ah mammy it’s everywhere, oh the smell’
‘Frankie she’s going to kill you!’

She wasn’t lying. He was in his nip on the window ledge with a toothbrush painting. Painting with poo. He painted the window, his hair, his toes, the floor, the playroom sofa and all local toys.

Did I mention our washing machine broke last night?

FML. NEVER take your eye off the ball.

19 Comments on When You Take Your Eye Off The Ball

  1. How young they learn ‘the dirty protest’!! You have ALL my sympathy
    After three girls, the boy was, and still is, a shock to my system!!

  2. Oh how I laughed when I read this first. Then our toddler had his own what we call “dirty protest”. Little monster! Luckily he was confined to his cot at the time, but still. YUCK!!!

  3. Yep my now 6 year old son did this twice when he was younger, I sent hubby in with marigolds and cleaner, second time I did it erghhh. Here’s hoping none of his younger brothers do it x

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