We have a My Little Pony fanatic here, she’s unicorn mad. So today we had some one-on-one time and decided to make our very own unicorn horn. She wants to dress as a unicorn for Halloween and this is as far as I’ve got with her ‘costume’. I’m not very patient so I was itching whilst sowing this with the her, the OCD in me wanted it to be perfect but I had to remember she’s five. So our stitching is completely off, it looks more like a p**is than an actual unicorn horn but she thinks I’m deadly, so I’m happy out!


This is a fool-proof tutorial, it’s so easy to make.

You will need:

– scissors

– marker

– felt in colour of your choice

– pins

– needle

– thread

– small amount of stuffing from daddy’s pillow case

– elastic head band in colour of choice


Cut out horn and base patterns.

Fold the horn in half and pin together.

Stitch along the outside from top to bottom.

Cut away any bulk left over.

Turn felt right side out.


Place a knot in your thread and thread it through the tip of the horn.

Fill the horn with some stuffing.

Use another piece of thread to sow the base and horn together.


Wrap the top piece of thread around the horn pulling firmly but not too tight and secure it to the base.


Add an elastic head band and ta da you have a unicorn horn!


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  1. Im so lucky that I have boys he he they never need anything making and Im useless at things like this. I really wish I could sew and make things. My boys are happy to just get outside and be dirty or run about. I think if i made one of these it would just flop and be a mess. x

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