I maybe almost ready to pop with only a couple of weeks left before little miss arrives but I’m taking advantage of my summer off so I loaded the kids into the car with a mini picnic and headed down the m50/N11 to Glenroe Farm Co Wicklow, to continue our Adventure’s of Eire. It’s been over three years since our last visit and it was great to see it’s still as fun as ever.

Glenroe Farm is a family run business, established in 1994. Glenroe was a well-known series that aired on RTE during 1983-2001. The famous 350 year old thatched farm cottage, home to Dinny, Biddy and Miley Byrne still stands just within the main entrance that now hosts a mini museum of exhibitions.


There is a petting corner on site with lots of adorable baby chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits. Kayla got to cuddle a furry little rabbit monitored by one of the keepers.


There is a huge variety of farm animals from pigs, horses, cows, sheep and there is even some sika deer at the very back of the farm. Most of the smaller animals were very friendly and eating grass from the kids hands.





One of the main attractions for the babogs is the huge outdoor playground overlooking the farm. It has numerous wooden climbing frames, swings and slides to keep them entertained. The kids spent just over an hour playing before we headed off on the nature walk.






We came across a beautiful sensory garden on the nature walk through the beautiful Wicklow countryside. This was actually my resting spot, I didn’t realise the walk was 1km long, probably not my brightest idea at nine months pregnant and I didn’t get to rest for long because the five-year-old started robbing flowers ‘to make perfume’.



One of the main features of the nature walk is a ‘secret garden’ filled with magical fairy doors and an enchanting little walk through an enclosed mini woodland. Little miss was in her element and her imagination really came to life when she spotted a troll bridge hidden at the back of the garden.




I’d highly recommend a picnic if you want to keep your day trip budget friendly. There is both indoor and outdoor area’s to enjoy. However they have a lovely coffee shop selling a range of fresh toasties, tea’s and tasty treats. The little cafe also showcases mounted photographs of the famous ‘Glenroe’ series keeping the memory and history of the farm alive

Admission for the three of us was €12 and we spent just over three hours at the farm. I would definitely recommend Glenroe Farm as a fun budget friendly fun day out. A family ticket costs €22 and kids under 2 go free.

For more information on Glenroe Farm check out their website www.glenroefarm.com.

If you’re looking for more budget friendly days out with the babogs this summer check out our Summer Bucket List or follow our Adventures of Eire updates on Facebook.

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  1. Oh I just reviewed this place myself! That playground is amazing and I loved the small animals. I didn’t do the nature walk though – not because I was nine months pregnant, but because I was pure lazy! Good on you walking it, I could not even have imagined that at the end… Trooper!

  2. We live close enough to Glenroe and I did that walk on crutches when I was expecting Ella lol they have great activities at Easter but our favourite time to go is Christmas 🙂

  3. A lovely park, I especially love the fairy door area, it’s fantastic to watch their imaginations run away with them! Kayla looks so very gentle and careful with the rabbit, it’s lovely that they are able to let them there.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  4. This place looks gorgeous and right up my street. I love anything magical and would love to take my daughter here to explore the fairy garden. It looks so beautiful. Well done you for going when you’re about to pop. I was afraid to go anywhere when I was due (but I was a first timer) in case the baby came wherever I was. It seems so silly now and I think next time around I’ll be going anywhere and everywhere. I saw your little ones reaction to your pregnancy just now as wow. Oh my that is just the cutest!! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing this x

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