This week three new Lottie dolls arrived as part of our new role as Lottie brand ambassadors. First to be inspected by little miss was Pandora’s Box, an animal lover who volunteers at her local shelter. Next she examined Kite Flyer Finn a boy doll and an adventurous outdoorsy type. She really likes Finn because we don’t have any boy dolls apart from Princes. And finally her favourite, a pirate themed Lottie called Pirate Queen, who is inspired by reading about the life of the original ‘Pirate Queen’, Grace O’ Malley, a real-life pirate who lived in 16th century Ireland, the ’most notorious woman in all the coasts of Ireland’.


We took Pirate Queen (Sophie) and Pandora’s Box (Kate) on a mini adventure to the beach yesterday. Kayla’s imagination has been taking away from Princes and Princesses and she is now digging the garden looking for gold with Pirate Queen Lottie. We have also been reading up on Grace O’Malley’s story and Kayla is loving it.


We had a little incident this week with our Kawaii Karate Lottie. Silly mammy left her out the back garden and Tinkerbell our lab decided she was lunch. Kayla has yet to discover she has been mauled so I’m hoping to replace her before disaster strikes.


So far we have had a really positive experience with our journey representing Lottie. There is so much I love about Lottie, her child-like body is based on the average proportions of a 9 year old girl, portraying a healthy view on body image for young children. She’s age appropiate, ethnically diverse, relatable, she doesn’t wear make-up, high-heels or jewellery unlike almost every other doll on the high street these days. And of course Kayla thinks Christmas has come early.

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  1. These little dolls are so cute! I used to love playing dolls with my sister when I was little, oh to be young again! Thanks for linking up to the #MMWBH 🙂

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