While I cannot wait for my little bundle to arrive, to see her little face, to show her off to the world, I can only tell you I cannot wait until this pregnancy is over. While blessed, grateful and very lucky to be able to conceive, I’m certainly not enjoying being pregnant. Third time lucky does not apply here.

I love looking at my growing bump in the mirror, realising there’s a person in there, feeling the warmth of flutters and kicks, and day-dreaming of what kind of person she is going to be.

I love when Frankie points at my belly when I talk about the baby. I love when Kayla sings nursery rhymes to her little sister, kissing and hugging my bump, ever so excited.

However, I’m hormonal, I’m tired and I certainly don’t have a glowing complexion.

I cannot chase Kayla in the park, I’m exhausted. I cannot jump on the trampoline, I feel sick. I cannot enjoy food because I have heartburn. And finally I cannot laugh, cough or sneeze because I’ll just piss myself, literally!

The last two weeks I was anxious and terrified I was leaking fluid. After a trip to Coombe I found out I was leaking, not the kind of fluid protecting my baby though, I was leaking urine. How glamorous! I’m spending my days practising my pelvic floor as I peel potatoes, hoover and go about my daily chores. Baby number three has really taken it’s toll on my body.

And then there’s all this nonsense about glowing during pregnancy.

I hate getting dressed. I feel fat, like HUGE, and shoving another sweet, cake or crisp in my mouth doesn’t help.  I have an awful sweet tooth. Healthy food just doesn’t satisfy me. I find myself excited putting the kids to bed so I can gorge on sugary foods.

Then the breakouts follow. My skin is dreadful from my recent awfully bad eating habits. It’s spotty, it’s dry and sometimes it hurts.

Hormones, did I mention I’m a raving lunatic? Kids are kids, they will spill, there will be crumbs, and they will act up at inappropriate times.

Everything annoys me. The way my partner sits on the sofa agitates me, the way Kayla spends a year closing the gate on the stairs bugs the shit out of me and the fact my dog Tinkerbell is my shadow and will be for the next few months is driving me utterly insane.

I love the sun. I love the outdoors. I do not like being pregnant, the sun and outdoors combined. I don’t like the rain, snow or wind either.

I know, I’m just a whingey cow! Oh look cake…

12 Comments on Where’s my Glowing Complexion?

  1. I’m very sorry to tell you this, but you may never get the glowing complexion! I had nine month long all day morning sickness, I really have never been so ill in all my life but I comforted myself with the knowledge that about halfway through the pregnancy I’d get the glow and the good skin and the shiny hair. So I waited. And puked. And waited. And puked. And it never bloody happened. Not one single glow. Now one single swishy hair moment. I looked like a decomposing walrus for the entire ten months. Post baby I had acute pancreatitis and had to have major surgery and due to that I lost weight and looked ok THEN, but really I would NOT recommend that!

    I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I’M SORREEEEEEE!

  2. Hated pregnancy, and even though others might say, ‘oh you look great’ I knew i looked like a huge, belly button popping. pregnant with maybe quads person, but it does end and to this day I remember those moments post delivery when I would bend in the middle. Oh the relief.
    And there are the little kicks, your little ones way of chatting with you. Tick tick tick, getting closer every day.
    Hang in there, you will be back and have all the time in the world to recreate yourself.

  3. Pregnancy was not my friend at all. As much as I loved my growing belly and feeling my little girl kick the rest was just s;&t. I could barely walk and I was swollen from head to toe, I looked liked one big giant water balloon. Not long now until your little bundle is in your arms and all those memories will be in to in distance xx

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