As an expectant mother, you can pretty much get away with anything without the fear of being judged. So aside from the heartburn and sleepless nights, there are loads of bonuses.

Here is a list of some of those things:

1. We get away with rubbing our bellies in public without looking like we’re hungry.

2. We can laugh so hard we pee ourselves. But it’s okay there’s a baby sitting on our bladder.

3. Waddling. There’s a head in our pelvis. Do. Not. Laugh.

4. It’s a bump bonus being able to cut in line to use the toilet.

5. Mood swings and hormones. We can cry for no apparent reason. We can even cry at cute baby commercials.

6. We can eat other people’s food without being forked.

7. We can eat strange food combos.

8. We can eat as much as we want when we want. Sure we are eating for two aren’t we?

9. Some pregnant women express a desire to eat inedible things like coal and chalk. I was one of those women, I ate chalk on my last pregnancy. Not at all weird…

10. We can wake our partners at 3am for a food craving run.

11. We can hog the whole bed and there is nothing they can do about it.

12. Any kind of compliment can be taken completely out of context.

13. We can take mid-morning, afternoon and/or evening naps.

14. We slack on our self-grooming.

15. It can take us anything up to 30 seconds to get out of a chair. Sure we are carrying all the extra weight. Although never mention that.

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28 Comments on Things Only a Pregnant Woman Can Get Away With

  1. Omg! Kelly I love this post and made me giggle all the way through. You also SURE get a sit on the train. 🙂
    I remember in Thailand, pregnant women can stop traffic too, even the police officer will walk you through in crossing the road. 🙂

  2. We can get other people to put our socks on wen we can no longer reach our feet lol great post, brings back memories xx

  3. Great post! And yes you can get away with a lot, and why not? Your growing a baby in there! I laughed at the chalk part as that’s what my wife had with all three. Still eats chalk here and there lol

  4. Herself didball those. You left off waking your partner in middle of the night to help you out of bed to go to the toilet.

    Her cravings on #BabyPink were ice cream with marshmallows in it. Always late at night. Thankfully there’s a 24 hour garage round the corner.

    Thanks for hosting.
    Great post, had me giggling away.

  5. Great list! I remember loving being able to jump toilet queues (being ushered forward by the queue) and being given seats. Eating and magnums and going to bed at 8pm also featured often!

  6. My personal favourite is the cutting in line at the toilet! That’s amazing but then I guess the people inline realise the ever present danger that you might actually wet yourself! Thanks for linking up to #TheList (please could you add the badge or link back?! Thanks lovely xx)

  7. Lol …Oh yes yes and yes. I sometimes miss being pregnant. And then I am quicky reminded by my 3 little monsters that I am done. Luckily for me I have friends that are about to pop so I will get to have my baby fixes. 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting and thanks again for the feature. 🙂

  8. oh lol what a great list – so honest and true! I love the bit about not being forked lol Thanks so much for hosting #linkalist x

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