Every generation had its fads and ours were undoubtedly the best. I’m a 90’s kid. We had Atari’s and Nintendo’s. I spent the summers with skipping ropes, hula-hoops and two tennis balls and we played bulldogs charge, tip the can and kerbs until the street lights came on. I lived in the generations of Pogs, Tamagotchi’s, Polly Pockets and The Spice Girls.

I never understood my mother’s love for Elvis, so how can I expect my kid to accept mine love for all thing 90’s.

  1. Kids these days have interactive whiteboards, laptops and iPads in school for ‘educational’ purposes. She will never get the excitement of the telly being wheeled into the classroom.
  2. We spent the autumn months searching for conkers. The bigger, the better! To defeat our opponents in the ultimate playground game. Black eyes EVERYWHERE!
  3. The Spice Girls. The look of disgust when I start belting out the words to Wannabe in the car. Even at five, I mortify the hell out of my child.
  4. Platforms. I had the deadliest pair ever. I remember getting the 77 into Meath Street like it was yesterday. I went all Scary Spice in the shop because they didn’t have my size and my mam settled with buying me a pair two sizes too big. I still have them and I never grew into them either.
  5. Remember Pogs? Most of us didn’t know what to actually do with them but the more you had the cooler you were.
  6. Kids nowadays will never have to listen to the radio all day long to record their favourite songs for a ringtone or on a cassette tape.
  7. She will never understand that heart breaking noise of dial up internet.
  8. Tamagotchi’s. She will never have the responsibility of looking after her own digital pet.
  9. And finally, she will never understand why every 90’s kid was left devastated every Christmas morning when Mr Frosty never made an appearance.

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  1. Love it, but they too in years to come will write their own post about what the next generation missed out on. My gang think I am a dinosaur as I didn’t have a mobile phone growing up. They just cannot begin to imagine how I lived.

  2. You never know: Mr Frosty’s non-appearance was disappointing me back in the eighties – maybe something’s never change 🙂

  3. Oh how I love this!! I’m somewhere in the middle of being an 80s/90s kid. But so much of this is still true!! I never got a Mr frosty and it still haunts me today. As for the spice girls I was old enough to hate their music, young enough to know every word sadly and about the right age to fancy them lol

    Oh how I miss collecting conkers!

  4. Tamagotchi! my sster nearly died of envy because I had one as the eldest. I thought it was teh coolest thing ever.

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