I have joined Sadhbh at Where Wishes Come From to contribute a round up of my favourite My Little Babog moments of 2014. I have so much to be thankful for and it has been a wonderful year.

Why I Began Blogging

I published my very first blog My Left Foot on the 4th of May 2014, a couple of weeks after I gave birth to Frankie, my second born. I decided to share my adventures of parenthood, experiences, stories and my own opinions of parenting. I never in a million years expected my blog to take off like it did.

My Favourite Post

My favourite post is One Child, Two Home – Co-Parenting. It is a very honest post of the up and downs of co-parenting. After three years sharing a child, Kayla’s daddy and I have only recently decided what is best for our child and that is to communicate with one another.

My Most Popular Post

Surprisingly my most popular post this year was a list of things I have learnt being a mammy. Since writing this post I still have shower schizophrenia and the last step of my stairs is still howling.

My Most Popular Photo On My Little Babog Facebook Page


A couple of photo’s I have uploaded have went viral this year. I could spend days searching through popular Facebook photo’s on My Little Babog, so here is the most recent popular photo.

My Favourite Memory of 2014

So many wonderful things happened in 2014 but my favourite memory is when my little man Frankie was born. He brought so much more love and happiness into our small family.

My Favourite Photo of 2014

The Best Adventure of 2014

We love adventures, we love exploring and we LOVE fairies. Every couple of months we head up to a forest somewhere on the back roads of Blessington and go fairy hunting. We can spend hours climbing hills, peeping through cracks in the trunk of trees in search of fairy existence and make autumn leaf angels. We search for new treasure and trinkets the fairies have left behind, as Kayla says – we find lost things.

Funniest Moment of 2014

10646682_786392458073616_7798961194970476939_n (1)

This is what blogging does to you. It makes you pause funny moments to capture them forever. Yes I did, I told my child to hang while I ran off to get got the camera. I never managed to find out how she ended up like but it was hilarious!!!

My Favourite Craft

photo 4 (8)

We are very creative in our household, we paint, bake and create daily. My plan for 2015 is to share more of the craft we do. My favourite craft this year has to be our toilet roll Halloween creation, Frankenstein.

My Favourite Freebie of 2014

Throughout my blogging journey I have had some amazing opportunities to review some amazing products, places and classes. My favourite review to complete was the mum and baby yoga course with Babatots. Frankie and I had a brilliant time. We bonded, exercised and enjoyed precious one-on-one time.

Best Blog Moment of 2014

I was a Best Blogger/Vlogger finalist in the Stellar Magazine Shine Awards 2014. Listed among some of Ireland’s biggest blogging names like Suzanne Jackson, Pippa O’Connor and Shona Ellen. I still pinch myself when I see anything to do with the awards. Huge achievement and very proud of myself for making it the finals.

Milestone of the Year

There is hundreds of milestones from Frankie sitting up, his first tooth, the day he rolled over and when he first sat up unaided but this year my baby girl took to the stage in the Helix, Dublin, for her first ballet recital. She had an army of fans in the audience who mean most to her which made it even more special. With a personality like Kayla’s I can only imagine it will be her first of many stage appearances.

Proud Moment for My Little Babog

My very first blog post My Left Foot featured in Infant & Maternity. In Hindsight a blog were I look back on how I am raising my two children differently was published in Easy Parenting magazine and I also guest blogged over on Nanny Options website.

What I got out of Blogging in 2014

In the past few weeks I took a blogging break. I took a step back and enjoyed Christmas with my family. Even though my blog is a hobby it can sometimes feel like a chore. I find my blog as place to vent, to rant out anything that is bothering me.

I have recorded some precious memories for my children to read in many years to come. My spelling and grammar has improved hugely. I have also met some lovely virtual friends from all the lads and ladies over at Irish Parenting bloggers to some amazing make-up, fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

I am taking part in a linky created by Where Wishes Come From, click the badge to find out about other bloggers and what 2014 has meant to them.

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5 Comments on 14 of 2014

  1. What a lovely round up, I can’t believe you are only blogging since May! I hope 2015 is a great year for you both in continuing your blogging success and most of all in your family, health and happiness!

  2. First off, I cannot believe you’re only blogging such a short while! Talk about ‘duck to water’. You’re fantastic! I hadn’t realised you were as much a fairy fanatic as me either. We’ll have to arrange some fairy themed meet-up and get our little girls together – I think they’d have a fabulous time.
    Thanks so much for taking part in the linky and Happy New Year xx

  3. I think a blogging break is needed every once in a while. I’ve done it a few times now over the years and I always feel like my writing is rejuvenated when I come back. It’s meant to be fun, so any time it starts to feel like a chore, I think that’s a sign a break is needed.

    Love the photo on the stairs by the way. I would have grabbed the camera too!

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