A book we have just read is ‘Oisin the Brave – Moon Adventures’ written by husband and wife Michelle Melville and Derek Mulveen from Eire’s Kids, who kindly sent us the book to review.

The book is based on two explorers Oisin and Orane and their latest adventure. The story unfolds as the two head off in their rocket ship to solve the mystery behind a gleaming light coming from the surface of the moon.

I like this book because it softly introduces gaeilge through new characters and creatures. I love the Irish mythology behind the book and the colourful illustrations are educational too. Overall it was an enjoyable, goofy and mystical read. I would recommend this book to anybody trying to encourage the use of the Irish language.

There is a section at the back of the book which features numbers, days, colours and feelings in Irish. Surprisingly Kayla learnt some new Irish words with aid of the vibrant illustrations within a couple of days.

Kayla’s Review

The Moononians talk funny and the wiggly worm is very cute. Orane presses a big green button to launch the Dolmen but there is no green button in the picture. I can see Ireland on earth and Princess Eire has a lovely shamrock on her explorer suit. I would like to see more about Princess Eire, I like her.

Oisin the Brave – Moon Adventures is €6.99 and available from Eason’s and book stores nationwide. If your local bookstore does not stock it, you may request it, all wholesalers will stock it. The book is also available to buy HERE direct from Eire’s Kids and upon request they will personalise and send you a signed copy.

You can also check out Eire’s Kids Facebook page HERE.

**Disclaimer: I was giving this product for reviewing purposes only. This does not affect my honest opinion.

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