We are always painting, crafting and creating silly things. I’d say we have more paints, glitters and glues than Kayla’s school. Last night the craft box came out again and we made some spooky Halloween masterpieces. Kayla was in a funny humor and decided she wanted to make a spider, I’m terrified of spiders.

photo 2 (21)With all our spider making ingredients with started to paint a paper plate black and some pegs a glittery gold.

photo 3 (15)

 Kayla added the golden pegs to the plate to make some legs, she added some googly eye and cut up some coloured paper to make a mouth. To make him even spookier she decided to give him a scary mouth and sow it together.

Meet Skinny Legs

photo 5 (8)


Next we used some toilet roll holders. We made another Frankie-Stein with some green and black paint, googly eyes and shredded black paper.

photo (2)

We also let a baby wipe dry out and glued it onto a white painted toilet roll holder then added some googly eyes to create our little ghost friend ‘Boo’.

photo 4 (8)

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