What is a Dribble Stop Top?

The Dribble Stop Top is an award winning innovative product created by two mums Tracy and Emma. It is a soft cotton vest with a built in pocket made of specialized waterproof material which allows babies skin to remain comfortable, dry and safe during the dribbling stages of teething. The discreet integrated bib acts as a barrier to stop dribbles soaking through onto baby’s delicate skin. The pocket with an extra high neckline is hidden inside the top which then completely covers and protects the baby’s chest area.


My Review

Only recently has Frankie’s dribbles started soaking through his bibs, it was perfect timing to re-route my Dribble Stop Top that I received months ago. The vest itself was a perfect fit; the sizing was spot on and accurate. Made with high quality jersey material, it collected Frankie’s dribbles straight away, leaving his chest dry, clean, it left him feeling comfortable. He was also less irritated with my constant need to change his outfits. It washed great, lessoned my washing load and is tumble dryer safe.

Frankie's dribbles collected in  less than three hours

Frankie’s dribbles collected in the hidden pocket in less than three-hours.

I love the top, the only flaws I have with Dribble Stop Top are that they are only available in three colours; pink, blue and white. I would love to see the range expanded with a wider variety of colours and designs. If you are conscious about preventing rashes and your baby’s skin, you can be assured there will be no disturbed sleeps due to your baby having a cold and wet chest.


 Dribble Stop Top are €15 for 2 and are available HERE

**This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. In no way will that effect my honest opinion about this product

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