Gripper Soles Review

The Product


Gripper Soles are designed to give your child freedom of movement, these shoes are light weight and very flexible. They provide traction with a natural rubber non-slip sole and allow your child’s feet to breathe with upper breathable cotton material. Aoife’s Irish owned innovative creations are not only cute and stylish they are machine washable with an antibacterial insole and are for both indoor and outdoor use too.

The Review

He is fascinated with the texture of the rubber sole

He is fascinated with the texture of the rubber sole

Frankie is almost seven months and getting very active around the home now, Gripper Soles give him full support as sweeps across the floor in his walker, bounces in his swing or wiggles around the floor, without sliding all over the place. They are a fit perfect, they comfortably hug his feet and don’t slip off as they come with elasticated cuffs for extra support. He has very sweaty feet, like most babies, so I love the adorable cotton material, it’s breathable, his feet never smell in them. Not only are super cute on his feet they also love the built in bumper across the front and back of each shoe, it helps prevent cuts and bruises.

photo 3 (13)

His Gripper Soles stop him from slipping and sliding when bouncing around in his swing

I did receive this pair of Gripper Soles complimentary for reviewing purposes this does not in any way effect my honest opinion and review about these shoes. I genuinely LOVE them and will be ordering a new pair, I just can’t choose which ones, there all just way too cute.

photo 1 (18)

He can wiggle and wobble with grip and support from his Gripper Soles

Gripper Soles are €17.99 and available to buy HERE

The Horrid Onset Of Teething Is Upon Us

When your baby reaches the milestone of cutting their first tooth it’s certainly an exciting time. Although getting there we endure sleepless nights and some frantic ordeals trying to soothe our babies. Some babies endure some awful, sometimes very painful, swollen and inflamed gums while their teeth start cutting through and other sail through the whole process. Not forgetting they produce a barrel of drool too.

The horrid onset of teething has been slowly lurking and creeping upon us awhile now, Frankie started to drool excessively about six weeks ago. One morning last week he woke up with a grumpy appearance, flushed cheeks and then refused his porridge. He never refuses food. Ever. With all gums he’s latching and gnawing on anything within arm’s reach. I even found him chewing on the side of Kayla’s dolls house the other day.

Just as we get him in a fantastic routine he is waking four-to-ten times a night, sore, swollen and very upset. No cuddles, no Calpol, not even co-sleeping will comfort him. It’s an awful to watch, I’ve been close to tears as he wails. It’s heartbreaking. We are walking the walls trying to comfort him to no avail, he eventually sobs himself to sleep.

Frankie has been wearing an amber necklace since he was three months old. Amber is a known natural analgesic, when amber is worn next to the skin, it releases healing oils that helps children to stay calm and more relaxed throughout teething. Amber is a great natural remedy and can help eliminate the need for over the counter drugs, something I’m hugely in favour of. Amber necklaces are not recommended for children under the age of three due to choking hazards and the possibility of the necklace breaking or shattering.

Wholefoods Ireland sent me some Teetha granules to review awhile back and he seems to get a vast amount of relieve from a single sachet. We get about an hour or so relief from one and I love the fact they are a homeopathic remedy too.

I’ve been using his dribble stop top to keep his chest dry during his spells of excessive drooling. He’s easily losing a litre of saliva a day, it’s unnatural how much babies dribble throughout the whole teething process.

I’ve also been adding fruits like banana, pureed pear and mango to his meche feeder and freezing them to help soothe his painful gums, it’s a great way of sneaking him some food too, as his appetite has vanished.

He’s very attached at the moment too, I cannot leave the room without him crying after me or chasing me in his walker, I think his uncle got him a super express one, he’s a pro in it. I must be in full eye contact at all times. Kayla has been feeling very left out as he needs my constant attention every hour of every day. When we eventually get him to nap, all I want to do is chill with a strong coffee but she has other things in mind.

photo 1

My favourite hour of the day is when daddy walks in and I almost throw Frankie at him and escape to our bedroom and hide, that’s until Kayla assumes I’m playing hide and seek and proceeds to act like a crazed jack in the box. This tooth better make an appearance soon or I may have to get in there with a chisel myself.

Have you any teething tips or remedies to share?


**The NCA have recalled all amber necklaces for children under the 36 months and do not recommend anyone use a amber necklace on their baby, to read more click HERE.

My New Adventure – The Plaque Company

Frankie my little man and I are inseparable, I fret when I leave him, I have a serious case of attached to Frankie syndrome. So when I was due back to work last month the anxiety of missing the first time he crawl, his first words or his first steps really upset me. I missed out on a lot of Kayla’s childhood, I missed out all the big milestones due to work commitments and I am not prepared to let this happen again.

Of course I couldn’t stay at home and expect my partner to support us all. I decided I would do something I love, and that’s crafting, I’m known to be creative and I’m always making masterpieces out of complete junk.

So last month I set up The Plaque Company, a small business that would hopefully help pay the rent by creating and customizing bespoke wooden plaques. With very limited funds to create a website, I set up a Facebook business page and it was surprisingly a huge hit. It went viral in the first week.

I set up my new business with advertising one plaque, a beautiful red Christmas plaque complete with white snowflake customized with any surname.

The Plaque Company

It’s an amazing adventure so fair, I’m in business four weeks now with almost five-thousand fans and I have just sold my two-hundredth plaque. The excitement of reaching such an achievement in such a short amount of time is exhilarating. Orders are flooding in from America to Australia; my inbox is constantly full of new orders. It’s mind blowing. I’m currently creating loads of new designs to launch in January, one in particular that I’m very excited to share too.


So since I reached a HUGE milestone today I have decided to GIVEAWAY a customized Christmas plaque.


LIKE The Plaque Company 

COMMENT what surname/name you would like on your plaque.

Winner will be picked at random on Sunday 26th of October and announced on My Little Babog Facebook page.


15 Lies We Tell Our Kids

We all tell fibs to our small for a multitude of reasons whether it’s to protect them, not knowing the answer, avoiding a meltdown or for the sake of your sanity. If you think you have never told your child a lie, you are a goddamn LIAR! Here is a list of the most common lies we tell our kids or our mammies and daddies have told us.

1. ‘If you keep picking your nose, it will fall off’

Disgusting habit, once they start, they can’t stop.

2. ‘Show me your tongue, if it’s black you are LYING!’

The trick? Only mammies and daddies can see it.

3. ‘We’re almost there’

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET!!

4. ‘I’m leaving without you’

You have to be willing to walk away and hid around a corner, trust me they WILL follow!

5. ‘We’ll come back another time’

The awkward moment your about to leave the park, zoo or toy shop.

6. ‘If you don’t clean up those toys, I will throw them out’

You will never throw them out but it works.

6. ‘If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold’

I hated this as a child; colds are caused by viruses, not from being out in the cold.

8. ‘Santa is watching you’

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! The biggest lie we have told our kids.

9. ‘I’ll tell the Easter bunny, tooth-fairy, fairies…’

Need I say more?

   10. ‘If the wind changes, your face will stay like that’

We live in Ireland, the wind is always changing.

   11. ‘Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis’

This is actually a myth, a MYTH!

   12.‘If you swallow gum it will get stuck in your gut’

In fact it will just take longer to digest.

   13. ‘It’s bedtime’

It’s a half hour before bedtime and you trick them into an early night, no harm done.

    14. ‘It doesn’t matter if you win or lose’


Of course it does, win, win, WIN!!

     15. ‘They’re all gone’

You really mean ‘I’m going to eat them when you are in bed’

My Top Tips With Your Newborn

Make sure your babies car seat is installed properly

Most baby outlets will do this free of charge. Your baby’s safety is paramount,god forbid there was an accident and the seat is not installed properly your baby will not be fully protected. I recommend a car seat with a fitted base, it’s so much easier than belting up a car seat with the seat belt every journey. Practice inserting and removing also. I got stuck in The Square car-park seven-days post delivery unable to remove Frankie’s car seat from his pram.

Get a demo baby

Practice changing, feeding and winding a friend/family member’s baby where possible, especially for the dads.

Check your pram fits

photo 5 (6)

Double check you pram fits comfortably in your boot. My biggest regret on Kayla, my first buggy was a disaster and left me shopping for a new one at twelve-weeks.

Stock up the freezer

Stock up on frozen dinners and collect local takeaway menus. The first week after delivery your baby you will not have the energy to cooking.

You cannot spoil a baby

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re holding your baby too much. The first few weeks are so important for mummy and baby bonding. There’s NO such thing as spoiling a baby in the first few weeks. Skin to skin contact is one of the best ways for bonding, dad should try it too. I also loathe the saying ‘never wake a sleeping baby’. I woke Frankie every four hours for the first three weeks, it’s recommended by midwives, babies blood sugars can drop and it makes it harder from them to wake up.

Accept help

Take up on all offers of help. Don’t be too proud, if people offer to clean, making bottle etc. let them. You will regret it once they have left. Four years ago when I struggled with Kayla, I didn’t ask for help. I’ve no problem asking anyone for help now. Four hands are so much better, than two.

Follow your instincts

Don’t be afraid to ring your Public Health Nurse or your Maternity Hospital with any concerns. I rang the Coombe three times in the first four-weeks. Babies are not discharged until they are six-weeks-old.

Sleep when baby sleeps

When baby naps, mummy should nap too – were possible. I slept until 12pm every day in the first two-weeks. Night shifts can be exhausting as-well as all the unexpected visitors that arrive. Take advantage when you can to have a little nap with baby. They won’t sleep all day for long.

Take shifts

Take shifts at night time. The first few weeks are so tiring, your sleep is so important your body has been through a lot and still changing, hormones are racing. Shifting feeds at night between mam and dad will help you recuperate.

Don’t forget about the siblings

photo 1 (16)

Organize some fun things to do for other siblings, they may feel left out with the new arrival, they are no longer centre of attention. Let them go for sleepovers with friends and family too, it will give you a break.

Baby bonding

Concentrate on getting to know your baby, if anyone has anything to say about the dishes piling up or the laundry basket being full, hand them the hoover.

It’s okay to cry

It’s completely normal to feel hormonal and overwhelmed in the first few weeks after giving birth. You may feel like you are falling apart with exhaustion looking after a new baby whilst recovering from delivery, this is normal, you will soon feel yourself again once you get into a routine that suits you and your family. I cried at anything and everything, I still do and he’s six-months-old.

Take lots of photos


Take as many photos as you can, they grow up way too quick.

They aren’t babies forever, enjoy them while they are small.

Tappy Safety Toy Review

The Product

Tappy is a universal fit, tap guard toy designed for children from six months to six years. It protects children from bumps, by cushioning metal taps and prevents scalds with built-in insulation. Tappy is made with neoprene, meaning it will air dry and is machine washable.

The Review


Kayla likes to think she is a mermaid when she dives into the bubbles and has occasionally bumped her head and back off the tap. Her favourite colour is green so she was very excited for bath-time, to play with Octopussy, Tappy’s new name. So Octopussy was a perfect fit on our awkward tap and wriggled and danced as the bath started filling with water.

Tappy’s main objective is to protect but it’s also a great educational bath toy too, she was finding numbers and colours, counting her eight legs and singing the rainbow song. It distracts Kayla while I’m washing her hair and we have used it as a puppet to entertain Frankie too.

Kayla has great fun with Tappy, she loves pouring water and bubbles into her mouth and watches as it sprinkles through her legs. Tappy is a bit pricey at €17 but it beats any makeshift tap guards. It does help protect from nasty bangs and scalds and most definitely brightens up bathtime.

Tappy is available to buy from Jojo Mama Bebe, Amazon and Tesco.

**This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes and in no way did it influence my honest opinion about this product

Maternity and Infant Awards

Last month I took part in the product testing stages of the Maternity and Infant Awards in the DoubleTree by Hilton. So when I went along to the awards itself on Friday I was very eager to see how some of the finalists would get on.

TV3’s Sybil Mulcahy and Martin King presented 37 product awards and 15 people awards over four hours to very deserving women, men and children. All guests were served a scrumptious to die for, four course meal, free wine and a very entertaining afternoon.

photo 2 (15)

One of the first awards presented was Midwife of the Year, and guess what, it was my midwife, and my nomination.

photo (32)

Maternity & Infant Awards Magazine

I submitted a nomination for midwife Catherine Manning from The Coombe, Medical Clinic. Catherine looked after me throughout the duration of my pregnancy and stay on my second child, Frankie. My pregnancy was considered high risk due to a condition called thrombocytopenia, my platelet levels dropped meaning there was a high probability of hemorrhaging during pregnancy and labour.

myself and Catherine Manning Midwife of the Year

Catherine guided me throughout my whole pregnancy, ensuring I was not stressed about anything. She always asked how I was both feeling both physically and mentally, she genuinely cared for my well being. Catherine was compassionate, attentive, devoted and very supportive. She went above and beyond to care for me, sometimes visiting my bedside after hours. I could not think of anyone more deserving of this award.

I bumped into Aoife from Gripper Soles and Mika from MikaB Teething Jewellery.

photo 1 (14)

There was some outright winners and some that took me by complete surprise on the day. Maternity and Infant pride their awards on products that are chosen by parents for parents. I’ve listed some of my favourite products and service winners below.

The Best Baby Food Award went to Organix for their apple rice cakes. I’m already a huge fan of Organix, they have a great range of products, Frankie loves the strawberry flavoured rice cakes.

There was no surprise when Aldi were awarded Best Nappy for their mamia new-born nappies. I’m currently using them, the price, quality and absorption is outstanding. Aldi also won the Best Baby Wipes Award for their mamia sensitive wipes.

Supervalu won Best Family Brand and Best Family Supermarket whilst Mothercare won Best Baby Store and the Grand Prix Award. Baby Elegance the headline sponsors won Best Travel System for the second year running with there Beep and Twist travel system and they won Best Cot for their Holly Cot and Mattress. We bought Frankie the Holly Cot a few months back and I love it.

Best Family Day Out went to Imaginosity, an educational, child-centred creative play museum. Kayla loves this place, even though we haven’t been in a while, she’s still always blabbing on about it.

photo (34)

I’m currently reviewing a pair of Shoobees and they won Best Children’s Shoes. Waterbabies won Best Mother and Baby Activity while Maxi Cosi won the Car Seat award.

There were so many awards presented to some tremendous companies and small businesses throughout the day, aswell as some very deserving people awards.

Check out who else won at the Maternity and Infant Awards HERE!

My gift bag from the Maternity and Infant Awards

Overall I had a brilliant day, met some lovely people and got the goodie bag of all goodie bags, I’m looking forward to working my way through all these treats.