My Unexpected Home Birth : Kadie’s Birth Story

Before I even start I should mention I have a high pain threshold, always have. Last year when Frankie was a few weeks old I broke my foot and walked on it for three days before going to the hospital. Then a few weeks later I split my head open because I’m an absolute disaster and went to my local chemist. Horrified at what she’d seen, she recommended I go straight to hospital and ended up with staples. So whatever you do, don’t do what I did and wait until the very LAST MINUTE to go to the hospital unless you want to deliver your baby in your hallway with 11 birthing partners. Yes I said ELEVEN!

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Baby Brain

Juggling a newborn, a wobbler and a senior infant has my brain completely fried. Lack of sleep and the major life change has me exhausted. Resulting in me being extremely forgetful, so forgetful that I almost reversed out of my driveway while the newborn slept soundly in her car seat on the sofa IN THE HOUSE. And that’s not all, I’ve been an absolute disaster the past few weeks. Baby brain is at a peak.


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Fill in the blanks : Parenting, Pregnancy and Family Acronyms and Abbreviations

Ever go into one of those parenting or pregnancy groups and feel like it’s a puzzle? Over the past few months I’ve found myself googling half the acronyms and abbreviations I’ve come across.

Lets play a game of FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS.

‘Hi, I’m a FTM. I CD, BW and we’ve just started BLW. I’m a WM and my MIL minds my DS and she feels my DS isn’t eating enough. Any advice? TIA x’

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My Little Pony – How To Make a Unicorn Horn

We have a My Little Pony fanatic here. Even if it’s not MLP she’s unicorn mad. So today we had some one-on-one time and decided to make our very own unicorn horn. I’m not very patient so I was itching whilst sowing this with the her, the OCD in me wanted it to be perfect but I had to remember she’s five. So our stitching is completely off, it looks more like a p**is than an actual unicorn horn but she thinks I’m deadly, so I’m happy out!


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The Clean Freak – A Dettol Giveaway

I’ve a little confession to make. I’m a clean freak. Some may even say I have a touch of OCD. I love nothing more than a deep clean. We have a Labrador Tinkerbell and she sheds hair like there is no tomorrow, it does my head in. So if I’m not hovering up her hair, I’m scrubbing sticky floors and doors.

Frankie is combination fed. He has the odd yogurt but everything else is solid and he feeds himself. Best decision I’ve ever made, apart from the mess. The floors, walls and everything else in between does be destroyed in mush. So I pretty much spend my life cleaning up after him. I’ve been using Dettol Multi Purpose Power & Pure. Most cleaning sprays can only be used on certain surfaces but I love this one because it can be used on glass, sealed wooden surfaces and floors. It’s pretty much my everyday spray and I love that it leaves a ‘I’ve just scrubbed my house’ fragrance.

I’m a huge fan of a baby wipe bathroom clean, not the most hygenic I know. That’s why I love these, Dettol Power and Pure Bathroom Wipes. They’re dead handy for cleaning the bathroom when the kids are taking a bath. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, leaves no harsh chemical residue and they smell really good too.


Dettol have given me a bundle of their products to giveaway to one My Little Babog reader.

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