Glenroe Open Farm

I maybe almost ready to pop with only a couple of weeks left before little miss arrives but I’m taking advantage of my summer off so I loaded the kids into the car with a mini picnic and headed down the m50/N11 to Glenroe Farm Co Wicklow, to continue our Adventure’s of Eire. It’s been over three years since our last visit and it was great to see it’s still as fun as ever.

Glenroe Farm is a family run business, established in 1994. Glenroe was a well-known series that aired on RTE during 1983-2001. The famous 350 year old thatched farm cottage, home to Dinny, Biddy and Miley Byrne still stands just within the main entrance that now hosts a mini museum of exhibitions.

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My Surprise Baby Shower

On Friday night the other half came home from work and began hovering the house from top to bottom. washed all the floors, scrubbed the bathroom AND put away two weeks worth of washing. I watched on from the sofa, questioning his motifs but assumed he was just helping an eight month pregnant girl out. I can’t even bend over any more without the one year old mocking me with ohhh’s and ahhh’s.

Then on Saturday we went to Dundrum to pick up some of the last bits for my hospital bag in Penneys, went for some grub in The Counter and we were off home because himself had some ‘things’ to do.


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Inside My Hospital Bag

How much to take into hospital can be real tricky especially if it’s your first baby. Space for bags in maternity hospital can be limited and you don’t really know how long your labour will last or how long you’ll be admitted for.

I was admitted early on my second after a heavy bleed as a precaution due to thrombocytopenia. I wasn’t prepared for those extra days in hospital, so a spare bag at home for dad to bring in with essentials like underwear, pyjama’s, a towel and socks is essential. Also baby may be a little bigger than expected so be prepared in advance and have some larger onesies and vests set aside. Continue reading

Obeo – Food Waste Box : Review & Giveaway

A couple of months I was approached to review Obeo – food waste boxes, and before you think the parenting blogger has lost her marbles, there’s a good reason behind it why I agreed. You know Frankie my man-child, the one who destroys my house on a daily basis? Yes him! Well when he found his knees, he found our bin and when he found our bin, he found the rubbish and well we all know babies and bins don’t go well together, so soon my bin was on my counter top. After a few weeks of it bugging the absolute shit out of me it ended up out the back garden by the patio door. Then we no longer had a bin but a plastic bag sitting on the draining board. Continue reading

The Kildare Maze : Family Activity Park

This morning we continued our Adventures of Eire and waddled off to The Kildare Maze just outside Prosperous in the North Kildare countryside. The Kildare Maze is Leinster’s largest hedge maze with a host of other activities including a wooden maze, zip wire, crazy golf, play ground, pet corner, adventure trail and a huge sand pit. Continue reading

Pregnancy Update : Week 35

Pregnancy is a pain in my back side the past week, literally. I’m in a hoop with my lower back. I’ve been having lots of hot baths, rubbing tennis balls, using hot water bottles and resting when I can (which is hard with a 15m old). The pain subsides for an hour or two but then returns once I become active again. When dad is home I literally plonk my ass down and don’t move. This has resulted in beans on toast for dinner on a number of occasions but they’re been fed that’s all that matters, right?

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Kayla records a short film for RTE’s Kidspeak

Last month a researcher, Sharon, from RTE came across my blog an emailed us to see we were interested in recording a piece on RTEjr’s Kidspeak. Kidspeak is a series of 30-60 second standalone films that are broadcast daily between shows within the TRTE and RTEjr schedules. They run all year round and present short ‘snapshots’ of young people engaged in a variety of activities. Continue reading