Meet Mumtrepreneur Gillian O’Neill From Mummy Hub

Meet Mumtrepreneur Gillian O'Neill From Mummy Hub

Last week I shared some exciting news that I was setting up a new business, that I was creating something, something that I would have loved when Kenzie was born or any of my children for that matter. There has been very little progress since last Thursday as I’m still putting together my business plan and trying to come up with a name for it too. I want something instagrammable, (more…)

Meet The Mumtrepreneur

meet the mumtrepreneur irish mammy interview

During my pregnancy on Kenzie, I wondered a lot about our future, everything from coping at home with four smallies to finances. Emotions were high and I stressed a lot about money. How the hell were we going to afford another baby? Poor Joe works every hour god sends as it was. Since then I put my heart and soul into this blog, I really put myself out there. I wanted to make a real go of it. (more…)

Take a Bow Netflix, Beat Bugs Rocks

beat bugs netflix streamteam

I don’t know if you know already but I’m a member of the Irish Netflix stream team and if I’m completely honest, I suck at it. We watch Netflix daily alright but I’m not great at sharing ‘what we are watching’ purely because I personally don’t like reading that kind of blog post. (more…)

My Emergency C-section by Linda Cunningham

emergency c-section birth story

This week one of my readers shares her emergency c-section birth story, and I have to admit my heart was in my mouth when I first read it a couple of months back, it’s very intense. Thankfully both mum and baby are both thriving now. Linda wanted to share her story because she was unaware there could be complications due to the anaesthetic following an emergency c-section and doesn’t want others to feel lost and helpless like she once did.  (more…)

A Measly Time of it


Picture this. The preparations for school are underway. You’re finally finding yourself and restoring some sort of routine back in the house after a hectic summer. Then you discover your three under three have measles…