Gift Idea’s For Baby

Sophie the Giraffe teething set from

Sophie the Giraffe is the perfect gift as baby’s first sensory development toy and teether. It’s a soft, flexible and natural rubber that baby can squeeze and chew. Sophie squeaks and laughs when her body is squeezed too.

Sophie the Giraffe is €12.95 and available to purchase HERE!

Bee The Book – Farm Friends

This book is durable and fun with colourful and engaging illustrations that allows parents to become a character in a simple farmyard story. It is an interactive book recommended for toddlers and pre-schoolers.


Bee the Book – Farm Friends is €9.99 and available to purchase from HERE. Get 25% off using code OFFER at checkout.

50% of all profits from this book also go to charity Bee for Battens. has a beautiful cream keepsake box to mount and display baby’s first shoes.

my first shoes display baby gift (1)

My ‘First Shoes’ keepsake display box is €29.95, available to purchase HERE

Bobby and Belles have a beautiful blue striped baby romper available in newborn to twelve months.


The romper is €12.95 and available to purchase HERE, use code CHRISTMAS at checkout to avail of a 30% discount.

The Bat-Baby onesie by Baby Dapper


Baby Dapper have some unique and gorgeously soft 100% cotton baby rompers with vinyl detailing. Machine washable and hard wearing. They are €25 and available to purchase HERE, use voucher code LILBABOG for 10% off at checkout.

The multi award-winning Gummee Glove available from All Things Baby

The Gummee Glove is designed for babies from 3 to 6 months. Perfect for babies who are too young to hold a teething toy on their own, the glove attaches to baby’s hand and has colourful, biteable side tabs and a detachable water-filled teething ring that can be refrigerated.


The Gummee Glove is €14.99 and available to purchase HERE!

Yummy Mummy Christmas Giveaway

Yummy Mummy Christmas Giveaway

If you are a general manager of chaos, the CEO of your family enterprise, a chauffeur, facilities manager, a mediator, psychologist, master chef, events manager, nurse and a marketing director, then this is the giveaway for you.

I have a hamper worth €300 to giveaway to one lucky mum as a reward to say THANK YOU for all the hours you work each day that sometimes may make you feel unpaid, unnoticed and unappreciated.

yummy mummy giveaway

The hamper includes the following…

Cocoa Brown gift set

2 x Dream Dots

€25 Totes Amaz Bags voucher

A Present For My mum book

€25 Love 2 Shop voucher

John Frieda Luxurious Volume complete hair regime

2 x WaterWipes sensitive make-up removal

Real Techniques your eyes/enhanced starter set

Impress press-on manicure nails

Kiss Gel Fantasy nails

Nuxe face and eye hydrating mask

Beverly Hills Formula perfect white toothpaste

Burt’s Bee lip shine

Wet n Wild bronzer

P20 Sun Protection

Seba Med Liquid face & body wash

Mavala nail treatments

BarryM lip gloss

Eylure brow stencils

To top off all of these amazing treats the lucky winner will also receive this beautiful large winter bouquet worth €54 delivered direct from (delivery within Ireland only).

flower store

I would love to be able to give one of these hampers to each and every one of you because lets face it WE ALL DESERVE IT!!

You can enter the #yummymummygiveaway by following this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway



The giveaway is open to Ireland and UK residents only.
Competition closes 18th of December at 6pm.
Winner will be announced on 18th of December at 9pm.
Winner must claim within 24hr or an alternative will be chosen.
The flower bouquet will be dispatched separately and can only be delivered within Ireland.

Lush FUN bar – Review

During a recent visit to Lush Henry Street, I came across a fantastic multi-purpose soft bath product for children. The Lush Fun range is a bubble bar, body wash, solid shampoo and even for play. My four year old HATES getting her hair washed, it can be somewhat of an exaggerated and traumatic ordeal, now with this Play-Doh like substance bath-time has changed forever.


I bought Kayla the blue ‘bedtime bath’ FUN bar. The scent is divine, a subtle lavender and chamomile both known to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. It has great texture for modelling and playing. Kayla spent an hour modelling and creating with her shape cutters.lush fun blue

We rolled out the 200g fun bar into olive sized pieces and ran a bubble bath from just one small piece. The colour is intense, the bath turned a pale shade of turquoise but it did not stain the bath or her skin.

lush fun bar

There is four other FUN bars to collect at €6.50 each with there own unique fragrance.

Fun Yellow: A comforting combination of vanilla and gardenia.

Fun Green:  A citrus burst with lemon and lime oils that awaken the senses.

Fun Red: A recipe of orange and mandarin oils to revitalize the mind.

Fun Pink: Is a cotton candy scented tonka and benzoin resinoid which helps to stimulate circulation.

Kayla’s Review

Mammy has banned Play-Doh from our house because I wrecked the carpet on the stairs. I am really careful with this because I love being able to bring it into the bath with me. It gets all squishy and gooey and I can wash my body and hair myself. My water turns blue and it looks like the seaside. I love my blue FUN.

FUN is made with a base of talc, corn flour and glycerine, so with Kayla’s sensitive skin it is gentle and moisturizing. The scent is long lasting, it’s so delicious, I almost want to eat her. To top it all off, Kayla is now begging for baths, even showers as a last resort just to play with her FUN. She has even washed her own hair, another excuse to have FUN in her hands.

Oh and it’s not just for kids ;-)

Fun bars are available to purchase in Lush Henry StreetLush Grafton Street or online HERE.

Kay’s Flower School – Holly Wreath Workshop Review

Yesterday I was invited along to Kay’s Flower School in Rialto to make my very own holly wreath for Christmas. I jumped at the opportunity as I have never made or owned a Christmas wreath. Being a huge fan of floristry and a lover of crafting it was right up my street.

I arrived a little late, cold and slightly miserable after a horrible morning. Janette the lady running the workshop was very welcoming. I soon cheered up with the laughs and jokes from all the women while sipping on a cup of tea. We were all seated by a large table with everything we needed to make our wreaths in front of us.

Class was soon underway and we got our hands all mucky and messy making a sausage like frame on our wires ring, securing it with some reel wire.

christmas wreath

Next Janette instructed us to add bunches of spruce at a 90 degree angle supported with the reel wire, wrapping three times to secure each piece.

DSC_0338 (1)

Like scavengers we dived to pick out our coloured baubles and of course I went with a frozen theme having my own mini Elsa at home. I decorated my holly wreath with 12 pine cones, 6 silver baubles, 6 blue baubles, 2 snowflakes an a blue ribbon. I attached a wire to each bauble, snowflake and ribbon to secure them to my wreath.

I struggled to secure some of my baubles, there is only ten people on each workshop so the ladies were on hand to direct and revise everyone how to attach their baubles.

DSC_0339 (1)

and ta da… My Frozen themed Christmas wreath

christmas wreath

The morning was very well organised, welcoming and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas wreath workshop and most of all got to bring my wreath home to show off to friends and family. Unfortunately I can’t hang my masterpiece on my front door but it’s proudly hanging in my hall.

christmas wreath

I met fellow Irish Parenting Bloggers Laura from Raising Elves and Yasmine from Glitter Mama Wishes Blog. Each of our wreaths are so unique too. It was lovely to meet them and have a non virtual conversation.

Kay’s Flower School host many different classes in floristry from bridal, hobby flower arrangement, commercial flower arrangement and church to event floral decoration. You can check out their courses HERE! They also have a regularly updated Facebook page and Twitter page too.

*Disclaimer: I was giving a free workshop for reviewing purposes only. This does not affect my honest opinion.

Mum and Baby Yoga – Babatots Review

What is Yoga


Yoga is a technique of exercising your mind and body through relaxation, mediation, controlled breathing methods and stretching.

What is Babatots?

Babatots is a service providing courses in mum and baby yoga, pregnancy yoga, baby massage, antenatal breast feeding classes, antenatal positive birth classes and is also a lactation/breastfeeding consultancy.

Helena Brady the founder of Babatots has a passion for helping mums achieve the best experience in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. With this Helena decided to provide a professional and experienced service to families with a list of qualifications including a degree in Nursing, including a postgraduate diploma in Public Health Nursing and in Mental Health.

Benefits of Yoga for Mum

Practicing yoga can help you recover and restore your body after child birth. It is the ideal postpartum exercise to get back in shape physically, strengthening pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Yoga teaches self-discipline, physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is great way to meeting new friends and mums alike.

You get to spend precious one-on-one time with your baby.

Benefits of Yoga for Baby

Yoga aids bonding and social interaction.

It can help to soothes baby, it can promote better and deeper sleep.

It can help alleviate wind, colic and constipation.

Babies bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous systems.


When Helena from Babatots invited me along, although very interested I could only picture myself twisting Frankie into funny positions, breathless and attempting impossible poses.


Helena took a very relaxed approach, with calming and soothing music. Each hour long class commenced with some simple breathing exercises. We would unwinding in meditation learning how to control our breathing.

Class followed with some simple stretches bending babies’ knee into their chest, crossing their arms over, stretching, stimulating and helping to improving their muscle development. We played, we sang and we had special one-on-one bonding time with baby. My yogi-bear loved the stretches, he still does, he chuckles every time.

Then we moved onto some of the funny positions I mentioned earlier. I did feel a little silly when we started the poses at my first class. One of the women on my course clearly did gymnastics, she twisted and posed to perfection. I was a breathless octopus (hands and legs everywhere) struggling to keep my posture and hold me ten-tonne baby correctly. Helena was brilliant at direction. She wanted us to feel comfortable and she helped anyone struggling with a pose.

There’s no alphabet to yoga but by class three if there was, I would have been able to spell yoga with my poses. I had great confidence once I became comfortable with holding my koala bear all thanks to Helena.

Each class ended with a relaxation exercise. Helena would have us falling asleep at her feet, unwinding in a trance. After each class Frankie would have a peaceful deep sleep and he would always be in fantastic humour upon wakening.


I’ve now been practicing yoga three months effectively and I feel great. My bodily posture has improved immensely. When we are having a bad day or if I get anxious I practice my breathing exercises and it really helps me regain control. I loved playing and having that special one-on-one bonding time with Frankie, all while exercising.

I really enjoyed the course of mum and baby yoga with Babatots and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to shift some pregnancy weight, meet some new friends or anyone looking for some precious and productive one-on-one time with baby.

Babatots have a host of classes around Dublin in everything from bump to baby at various times, you can check them out HERE. They also have a regularly updated Facebook page with informative shared content that you can also check that out HERE.

**Disclaimer: I received a free course of mum and baby yoga for reviewing purposes only. This does not affect my honest opinion.

One Child, Two Homes – Co-Parenting

co parenting my little babogThe term co-parenting describes a parenting situation where parents of a child are not living together or in a romantic relationship with one another. It is when separated or divorced parents share a child.

At first when Kayla’s dad and I broke up I would probe her, hound her with a million questions. Where were you? Who were you with? How long where you there for? Who is she? Kayla was wobbling, she was barely talking when she became the victim of a bitter break up. I would confuse and often upset her until I got a detailed account of her entire weekend. This would often lead to bitter phone calls, ignorance and insults. I’m a stubborn cow. The change in routine, the new living arrangements and the lack of communications; it all had a negative effect on Kayla.

I felt Kayla was too young to explain the separation but she was old enough to feel the tension and the bitterness. At the age of two she had already asked why I didn’t love her daddy. I didn’t have the answer. What do you say to a two year old? I would reassure her that both mammy and daddy loved her very much.

Now that I had begun to accept Kayla would have two homes I would feel sorry for her and her broken family. I began to spoil her. I compensated her with sweets, treats and toys. This continued until my mother intervened and made me realise what I was doing. She didn’t need chocolate, pancakes or the latest must have toy. She needed her parents to communicate, to compromise and accept that she needed us to work together as a team.

Kayla’s dad and I have different personalities, routines and unique styles of parenting. Even though we live minutes apart we live completely separate lives. Every families system is different and it took me a long time to accept this. We didn’t always see eye to eye, there would be ongoing disputes. We were unreasonably and would refuse to negotiate. Conflict is a completely natural part of co-parenting. Parents need to negotiate and resolve their differences. We both loved her. We both wanted the best for her. It took us time to agree what the best was.

You need to put your child’s needs ahead of your own. I think this is why her dad and I began communicating, we began to compromise, we combined our different strengths, we began to negotiate and resolve.

Whether your child is two or twelve, talk openly and honestly about separation. Encourage your child to express any feelings or concerns. Make co-parenting work for the sake of your child’s well-being.

I am no expert in co-parenting and I will never claim to be but I have learnt so much in the past year. Always be respectful when giving your point of view. Communicate directly with the child’s other parent; never allow your child to be a messenger or to negotiate on your behalf. Never undermine, criticise and never argue in front of your child.

Ensure your child retains contact with the extended family. I receive six to seven phone calls a week, family wanting to take Kayla here, there and everywhere. It’s hard to please everyone especially when your child has two families. You need to find a balance.

It has taken me over two years to understand and accept I am co-parenting. I have learnt so much about myself on my journey, my strengths and weaknesses. I am not perfect and I can only learn from my mistakes. Co-parenting doesn’t work for everyone, but unless you try, unless both parents give it their heart and soul, it will never work.

My daughter is happy. My daughter has two homes.

Organix Goodies Selection Box – Giveaway

Are you looking for a healthy alternative for the little babógs this Christmas? Your toddler will love the Organix Goodies selection box full of tasty and organic snacks. Thanks to their No Junk Promise you can rest assured they contain no unnecessary artificial ingredients.

organix goodies

The selection box is suitable for children over the age of 12 months and inside your little ones can create their own pop up winter farm scene. The Organix Goodies Selection Box is available for a limited time only this Christmas and includes five yummy and delicious treats.


organix goodies

1 x Blackcurrant & Apple Fruit Stars

1 x Raspberry & Apple Fruit Moos

1 x Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar

1 x Mini Gingerbread Men

1 x Alphabet Biscuits

The Organix Goodies Christmas selection box is €3.76 and available from Organix, Boot UK and Asda.

I have THREE Organix Goodies selections boxes to GIVEAWAY!!

organix goodies

To enter COMMENT below and tell me what your toddler or child’s favourite snack is.

Giveaway closes the 5th of December at 6pm. Winner will be contacted directly and announced on the My Little Babog Facebook page.

**Disclaimer: I was giving this product to run a giveaway and for reviewing purposes only. This does not affect my honest opinion.