15 Ideas to Toddler Proof Your Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Hacks

So the Christmas tree is going up the weekend. Traditionally it goes up on ToyShow night but with been a really cool co-parenter the big kid won’t be here so it will most likely be Saturday night. I’m dreading putting up the tree though. I can just see the boy climbing it and swinging one handed laughing at me like Chucky the Clown. I’ve considered all of these toddler proofing idea’s. Continue reading

How to Prepare For Parenthood in 13 Easy Steps

So you wants kids, lots of them, little cute ribboned munchkins running around your home all gleeful. Think you are ready? I’ve compiled a list of things you should try to prepare yourself for parenthood or toddlerhood, cause that’s when it all begins. It’s a breeze till they start walking and talking in my opinion. I think I’ve covered everything but as always if I’m missing something let me know in the comments below.
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Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Baby

Realistically babies don’t actually need any Christmas presents but I’ll admit even on my first I spent a ridiculous amount on toys she never played with. I’ve made a list of toys, teethers and stuff I would buy again and again that will double up useful and as a lovely Santa gift if you need to put something under the tree especially if you’ve older kids. They’ll also make great gifts from friends, god parents and grandparents. Continue reading

Raising Destructive Toddler Boys : The Stuff the Parenting Books Leave Out

The boy or ‘The Terrorist’, as I like to call him is nineteen months old now, a fully fledged toddler. I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I save his life on a daily basis. He likes to climb, dive and leave destruction everywhere he goes. He’s a bundle of never-ending energy. The things he gets up to does not come in the parenting books. Raising toddler boys is serious work. Continue reading

My Unplanned Home Birth : Kadie’s Birth Story

Before I even start I should mention I have a high pain threshold, always have. Last year when Frankie was a few weeks old I broke my foot and walked on it for three days before going to the hospital. Then a few weeks later I split my head open because I’m an absolute disaster and went to my local pharmacy. Horrified at what the pharmacist seen, she recommended I go straight to hospital and I ended up with staples. Continue reading

He’s spoilt. He’s too attached. He’s not going to know what’s happened when the new baby comes.

When I had my baby I held him every second I possibly could. I skipped dinner so he could stay flaked across my chest. I ignored the post man and visitors knocking on the door because he looked too comfortable to be disturbed. I cancelled nights out as I preferred to watch him sleep. And I dreaded visiting friends and family because they robbed my cuddles. Continue reading

Win A Christmas Plaque From The Plaque Company

Having won Silver at the Maternity & Infant Awards with thanks to YOU guys who voted, hitting 6000 likes on Facebook and now 2000 on Twitter I have another giveaway. I have a customized Christmas The Plaque Company family name plaque to giveaway  to one My Little Babog reader.

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To enter:

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and finally COMMENT below and tell me the family surname you would like on the plaque if you won.

Competition closes November 22nd at 9pm. Winner will be notified by email and announced on My Little Babogs Facebook page. Giveaway is open worldwide. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. The Plaque Company is my business btw, my little income earner.

Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Mum

Last year I did a Yummy Mummy Christmas Gift Guide and it was a huge hit on the blog, so this year I decided to do it again with some of my favourite picks available for Christmas 2015. Don’t be afraid to tag dad, your partner or pals if something interests you, because you never know it might just land under the big tree. Continue reading