Mother’s Day Giveaway #4 | Win €55 of Artistry Make-Up


ARTISTRY is leading the way in the beauty industry with its scientifically advanced beauty solutions making it one of the world’s top five premium skincare brands. ARTISTRY cosmetics offer advanced comprehensive foundation shades and modern, sophisticated colour palettes. From the rare fruits of the African plains to the potent botanicals of the Mediterranean shores, ARTISTRY finds the earth’s prized ingredients to deliver superior skincare and anti-aging treatments to customers across the globe.

I have one Artistry Signature Volume Mascara and a Signature Sheer Lipstick in Honey valued at €55 to giveaway.


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El and Baby A | Guest Blog | Get Ready With Me Mommy Edition


Introducing another guest blog and Irish Parenting Blogger, Ellen who writes El and Baby A. Ellen shares her ramblings as a first time mom and the occasional delicious recipes.

Today Ellen shares the reality of getting ready with her baby. It’s like a timeline of events in my own home.


5am: Tell eight month old it is not time to get up yet and get him back to sleep. Spend twenty minutes planning your outfit for today’s lunch date in your head before falling back to sleep.

7am: Be re-woken by baby who has decided it is in fact time for the day to begin.

7:30am: Trip over the last step of the stairs – it never moves yet you always manage to misjudge it.

7:45am: Feed the beast baby.

8:10am: Make morning tea; be distracted until it reaches four degrees.

8:30am: Get in the shower and wash hair – this is done in three ten minutes segments with regular trips to tend to the little bundles screams, demands and needs.

9:30am: Realise planned outfit is amongst the 27kg of laundry – panic- find a pre baby outfit and tuck all lumps and bumps into waistband. Perfect I was planning on only having water for lunch anyway!

10am: Accessories your outfit with some baby spit up draped over your left shoulder in the form of an abstract print. Pause.

10:10am: Change baby’s nappy. Oh and again because he only poops in clean nappies – expensive taste.

10:30: Feed baby breakfast. Use baby wipes to remove porridge from your hands/arms/ear.

10:55am: Continue. Realise matching socks are a novelty from a former life and be happy you have two clean socks at all.

11am: ‘Find’ baby’s missing toy – which may or may not have been underneath him/ in his other hand!

11:05am: Tie your fresh, clean hair into a perfected messy bun to avoid teasing your baby with your dangling locks. Said baby has the eyes of a sniper – spots your clean hair and tries to surgically remove it from your head using his drooled on, sticky claws hands.

11:20am: Put on one shoe and begin to search house for it’s match. After twenty-five minutes find the lost shoe in the gob of your teething offspring – where most things are found these days!

11:50am: Pick up toy thrown from highchair. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

12pm: Tweet about the stress of your morning #wheresmyshoe #mommyproblems

12:10pm: Nappy change – wee fountain disaster!

12:20pm: Dress baby in adorable outfit.

12:22pm: Poonami in adorable outfit. Re-dress baby in nearest available alternative – matching not necessary.

12:30pm: Keys… Keys… Keys…

1pm: Find keys in the seat of baby’s push along car.

1:15pm: Get everything and everyone in the car. En route.

1:25pm: Realise you’ve forgotten formula/wipes/nappies. Redirect route back home.

2pm: Finally reach lunch destination an hour late. Pat yourself on the back for making it there at all. Use all remaining energy not to nap at the restaurant while you wait for your water.

2:03pm: Make a mental note to never accept a lunch date again until baby reaches 16!

For more hilarious real-life stories check El and Baby A’s blog, Facebook oTwitter.

Mother’s Day Giveaway #3 | Win a Simba Themed Nappy Cake


Our next giveaway is from The Baby Gift Boutique. They create beautiful nappy cake gifts suitable for baby showers, newborns & Christenings. Having only set up in December they have sold hundreds of gift and themed baskets to suit each customer’s needs.


I have an adorable Simba themed cake valued at €75 to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. The nappy cake includes a musical Simba teddy, Simba comforter, 45 size three pampers nappies, super soft fleece blanket, 2 cotton muslin cloths & full clothes set (baby-grow, vest, hat, bib, socks & mittens, all 100% cotton).

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Baby Sign Language with


Fast becoming one of the latest parenting trends is baby hand signing. A method of teaching your baby to communicate with you, using hand signals before they can talk. Babies have a desire to communicate their needs and wants but they lack the ability to do so clearly. With hand signing, it lets babies, some as young as six months old, communicate their needs so they don’t need to cry.

Repeating signs consistently on a regular basis, will help your baby learn simple signs for common words such as hungry, thirsty, sleep, more and all gone.


Benefits to signing with your baby

There is no more guesswork to your babies needs.

It reduces frustration and tantrums.

It can strengthen the bond between mother and baby.

Signing can be a fun experience and helps enhance baby’s self esteem and confidence.

It can also boosts their brain development.


Frankie, Kayla and I went to a SuperHands Baby Sign workshop last summer. Frankie was only four months old at the two hour long class, and if I’m completely honest he hadn’t a clue what was going on around him. Kayla on the other hand loved it. Miriam the owner of SuperHands, approach to teaching was very relaxed, fun and informal.

After our workshop we left to start our signing journey at home. Eventually I got bored as there was absolutely no interest in anything I was doing. Then at about nine months I re-introduced signing to him when he developed hand control. He then began to understand signs for eat, drink, ball, book and bird.


We received a book and CD to continue our journey signing, it really helped us, without them I don’t think Frankie would be signing the way he is today. Frankie can sign milk, thank you and ball only when he wants to though. I’ve tried endlessly to capture this on camera but as soon as he see’s the red light it’s game over.

Kayla loves nothing more than signing from the school yard to communicate without screaming or if Frankie’s napping nearby she can communicate to me without me hushing her quiet. Kayla thinks signing is great fun, she is helping me teach Frankie, she knows forty-seven signs now. I should also mention Frankie has a vocabulary of twelve words and he is only eleven months so the myths of baby signing slowing down speech is ridiculous, I believe signing has helped increase his vocabulary.

I really enjoyed introducing signing to my little family. While some family members think I’m crazy it has clearly progressed his speech, reduced frustration and it is the cutest thing ever when he signs thank you after you give him a toy or treat.


For more information on signing check out or check out their new baby Signing app available from the AppStore.

Mother’s Day Giveaway #2 | Win a €50 Voucher

1688167_657357887666598_4342567599447667747_n is a website that enables women to search, browse and book hair and beauty salons, freelance professionals and offers online, instantly.

You can browse thousands of hair and beauty salons and freelance professionals offering their services in your chosen location.  On you can out check profiles, portfolios, special offers and ratings for each salon and professional near you. You can sign up to their website and start browsing NOW!

The lovely people at have decided to treat one lucky My Little Babog reader with a €50 voucher to spend on their website and spoil themselves whether it be for a new hair-do, make over or manicured nails.


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Mother’s Day Giveaway #1 | Win a €50 Penneys Voucher


We may not agree on everything but the one thing I think we can all agree on is that Penneys is the number one shop for a bargain or two here in Ireland. It’s the one place you can dress the kids for summer on a budget and it’s the holy grail of inexpensive fashionable shopping with all the latest trends!

Coat €28. Trousers €17. Bag €11.

 I have some awesome Mothers Day prizes to giveaway over the next week and to kick things off I have a €50 Penneys voucher to GIVEAWAY to one lucky My Little Babog reader.


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Fairy Hunting at Wells House and Gardens


My little girl lives in fantasy world of fairies, pixie dust, magic and unicorns. She is what a child should be with an imagination full of dreams. We recently started our A-Z of Adventures and headed off to Well’s House and Gardens in Wexford, the kingdom of fairies, pixies, leprechauns and elves.


Upon arrival Kayla was speechless, there was a big ‘palace’ and if you have fairy followers at home you would know this is where ‘Queen Clarion’ lives. To me and you it’s Well’s House, a magnificent Victorian house dating back to the 1600’s surrounded by majestic oak tree’s. Kayla begged to go inside but unfortunately we had missed the daily tour.

We headed to the craft courtyard first, in search of the fairy shop where we found a real life tinker fairy who makes fairy doors, wands and lots of fairy trinkets. We couldn’t leave without getting her, her very own magic fairy wand.


Next we started the real adventure seeking hidden treasure on the Lady Frances woodland walk.

We found many treasures…

Fairy kingdom’s


A troll bridge



DSC_1576 (1)

A wooden sculpture of the Gruffalo


A wishing well

DSC_1585 (1)

and lots of fairy, elf, pixie and leprechaun doors

IMG_20150228_004527 (1)


DSC_1555 (1)


We had brought a picnic along with us but it was way too cold to have it outdoors so we decided to head to Mrs Stone’s Pantry, a little cafe with a complete range of hearty foods from dinners, sandwiches and desserts. The menu was very tempting, myself and joe had some soup while the kids dug into their picnic. It was very cosy family friendly environment. There was a little section full of toys, high chairs and plenty of room at the back of the tea room for buggies.

Once we warmed up we headed over to the adventure playground. It was full of swings, climbing frames, slides and muck, lots of muck. It looked as if a tractor had driven right through tearing up all the grass but Kayla didn’t mind and we had the playground to ourselves the whole time.


We spent three hours exploring Wells House and Gardens, walking over 2km in the freezing cold and my sugar plum fairy didn’t complain once. She was enthralled discovering all the hidden treasure Wells had to offer.

DSC_1596 (1)


A day out at Well House and Gardens costs €8 per car and there is no time limit on your day. I would highly recommend it, as it’s an adventure for all, although pick a warmer day and bring wellies for the smallies. Oh and Frankie was with us, but he spend so much time giving out on the drive from Dublin he slept for most of the time we were there.

Babypotz Review

The one big difference between my two babies is their eating habits. I have one kid who eats bland dinners consisting of mash, veg and one meat, mainly chicken. While Frankie my littlest babog will eat anything. If he had to choose between food and his mammy, food would win every time.

Kayla my eldest ate jars of food most of her baby life. If jarred food wasn’t on the menu she got whatever my mother cooked for dinner mashed in a lump of gravy. She’s a very fussy eater but I’m slowly and successfully introducing new foods to her. My little man Frankie eats solely home cooked dinners. He loves butternut squash, sweet potato, avocado, risotto, peas, courgettes and cod. Kayla eats none of the above.

When I batch cook for Frankie I normally raid my presses for any tubs, lids, lunch boxes and I struggle every time to find tubs with matching lids. So I was delighted to receive a complimentary set of babypotz. Frankie likes a variation of food so I cook at least four different dinners fortnightly.


When I received my pots I headed over to, the lady behind the innovative pots and found some nutritious and delicious new foods for him. Using our BPA free, dishwasher, microwave, freezer and sterilizer safe pots we tried the coconut chicken curry, homemade gravy, butternut squash risotto and avocado and cucumber puree. He loves each and every one of them.

IMG_20150227_121955 (1)

The pots are fantastic. They don’t stain, they stack nicely in the press, fridge and freezer for storage and there have been no messy leaks in my baby bag as they have a nice deep seal on them. They are also very durable, not one has cracked, my pet hate with weaning pots.

IMG_20150227_122114 (1)

I use our babypotz to store snacks for both the kids and raw juice for little man. They are so handy for treats on the go while Kayla gets a pot of fruit in her lunch box daily. The first few times she brought them to school she thought they were disposable so I’m a few pots down but they come in large quantities so we’ve still got plenty to use.

babypotz sizes

If you’re about to start weaning I would highly recommend Babypotz and if you are past the weaning stages the mixed set would suit your family perfect for storage and leftovers. If you want to know more about babypotz check out their website or head over to their Facebook or Twitter page.

I received a complimentary set of thirty 5oz Babypotz for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Bee the Book – Farm Friends – Review, Giveaway and Discount Code


Bee The Book Review


Farm friends is an interactive vibrant book that parents can bring to life. It allows children to maintain full eye contact and see the correct pronunciation of words as parents look through the hole and read a rhyme featured in a fold down flap which is only visible to the reader.

Author Debora Tobin came up with the innovative idea when she struggled to get her own children to sit and listen during story time. She decided to bring a whole new experience to reading. She wanted storytime to be fun with a baby or toddler.

The book is made from durable flexible card with a high gloss shine and 50% of the profits from the book go to charity Bee For Battens.

DSC_1774 (1)

The book has been in our possession a few months now. It would definitely one of my top five baby and toddler books for the educational and interactive fun factor. We recently introduced it to Frankie and he thinks it’s hilarious. Kayla reads it to him sometimes too, she actually knows most of the rhymes by heart now, just shows how much we actually read it.

If you buy one book for your little babog this year, it’s got to BEE this one!!

Kayla’s Review


I love Bee the Book. My mammy looks so funny with wings, wool and four legs. She sometimes makes up her own funny stories. Frankie thinks mammy is so funny too, she always makes funny noises and silly faces. I read it to him too. I’ve never seen a bee on a farm though, my mammy says that’s because I’ve never looked for one. So next I go to the farm in Wexford I’m going to look for bee’s.

Bee The Book – Farm Friends is €9.99 and available to buy HERE. I also have a discount code; use MYLITTLEBABOG at the checkout to receive 20% off.

I also have a book to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. To enter LIKE Bee The Books on Facebook and COMMENT on this post. Competition closes Tuesday 3rd of March.


Disclaimer: I was giving this product for reviewing purposes. This does not affect my honest opinion.