Any Man Can Be A Father

When you have a child, regardless of your situation or your lifestyle, that child is your responsibility until they are 18. After that you can guide and promote your decisions but until then your make each and every decisions for your child. I needed my father emotionally, physically and mentally and he was a no-show through my childhood.

 My father walked out on me the year I made my communion. He up and left while my mam was carrying his second child. He was up to his eyeballs in debt. Loans, a mortgage, a car on hire purchase which he sold before he left, my mother as guarantor on all. He left us with bread, butter and milk and around ten quid.

My Father

He left when I was six or seven, I really thought he had gone to heaven,

Until he phoned my mam one day, said he’d send money when he got pay.

Awhile after my brother was born, wow he screamed like a little horn,

That’s when I realized he was never coming back, money was coming, probably got the sack,

I’m fourteen now, I know what he is like, he thinks he’s great with his ten thousand sterling bike, 

He owns a pub, no sorry a hotel but I think he can rot in hell.

By Kellie Washington

My father was not there to teach me to ride a bike. My father was not there to push me on a swing. My father was not there to tuck me in at night. My father was not there to watch my little brother grow up into the handsome young man he is today.

Definition of a DADDY

A daddy is someone who is always there, he treats you good, shows that he cares

He brings you out, shows you what the worlds about

I know now what the world is about, I should stand up and shout everything out 

Not keep it blocked in my head, while I sit here thinking on my bed…

Everybody can be a father but not every one can be a DADDY.

By Kellie Washington

Children can be so mean, I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life. I was very fragile in my teenage years, naive and easily led. I look back at how I was bullied for not having a daddy. How cowards would push, trip, hit, threaten and name call. A majority of these people are now living on the scratcher while there now separated parents practically raise their children for them. I eventually starting telling people my father had died, nobody judged me then, if anything the mood would change to pity and apologies.

I was self destructing. I spent one school summer starving myself. I would go upstairs with my dinner and hide it in a bag in my wardrobe. I lived on two portions of tea and toast for three months, hiding my weight lose under baggy tracksuits and hoodies. I took up smoking and spent my days hanging around the local off-licence targeting people to buy drink for me and my friends.

For three years I attended the school counsellor, expressing my feelings, writing them down, learning how to cope.  I’ve lost count the amount of times I cried myself to sleep. I lost a huge part of my childhood because of him and I will never be able to get that back. Ever.

I dread to think what kind of person I would be today without counselling. I started to read through some of the letters I wrote to myself and I was in a horrible place. No child should have to go through that. Thankfully I had great support from family and a very few close friends. I will never understand why a man or anyone could leave their child. Since having my own I can’t bare the thought of not being with them.

My mam after many years learnt to trust men again and met someone very special. He took on two very emotionally challenged children and never gave up until he was accepted as part of our family. He is the man I call dad today. He watched me graduate. He watched me grow into the woman I am today. He proudly calls me his daughter. He is my children’s Grandad. He is my hero and he will never leave me.

Any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a daddy.

*These poems are signed ‘Washington’ my birth surname, I did not want my son, nor did my brother want to carry the surname of a man who did not raise us. We both legally changed our surnames as a gift to our dad.

Halloween Craft

We are always painting, crafting and creating silly things. I’d say we have more paints, glitters and glues than Kayla’s school. Last night the craft box came out again and we made some spooky Halloween masterpieces. Kayla was in a funny humor and decided she wanted to make a spider, I’m terrified of spiders.

photo 2 (21)With all our spider making ingredients with started to paint a paper plate black and some pegs a glittery gold.

photo 3 (15)

 Kayla added the golden pegs to the plate to make some legs, she added some googly eye and cut up some coloured paper to make a mouth. To make him even spookier she decided to give him a scary mouth and sow it together.

Meet Skinny Legs

photo 5 (8)


Next we used some toilet roll holders. We made another Frankie-Stein with some green and black paint, googly eyes and shredded black paper.

photo (2)

We also let a baby wipe dry out and glued it onto a white painted toilet roll holder then added some googly eyes to create our little ghost friend ‘Boo’.

photo 4 (8)

Our Pumpkin is DYING!!

Last year I destroyed SEVEN pumpkins trying to cut and carve some sort of face into it, it was disastrous! So this year I decided to play it safe and paint one. Kayla’s favourite colour is green and with Frankie being everyone’s inspiration at the moment we decided to create our very own Frankie-stein.

Kayla painted our the pumpkin, her clothes, the floor and the remote control…

photo 2 (22)

Kayla cuts out some circles while I watch on itching with fear as she almost chops her fingers off.

photo 3 (16)

We shredded some black paper, glued it on for his hair along with some eyes and ta-da we got Frankie-Stein the pumpkin.

Unfortunately Frankie-Stein is dying a slow death. He’s chipping and peeling. He is crumbling before our eyes.

Frankie-Stein, our blistering, scaldy, green friend.

photo 4 (7)

I think he looks kind of cute though!!

If you do plan on painting a pumpkin pva it first.

Milestones and Musings

Kayla came home from school the other day with a new boyfriend, that’s five fella’s she has on the go now. She’s talking sleepovers, cinema dates and walking to school together. Their even holding hands. She’s four. I dread to think what she’ll be like when she’s fourteen.

We are now currently waiting 256 hours on a tooth to emerge. I know in the first five seconds of him walking up what kind of day we are going to have. I’ve sterilized a chisel and may become a dental nurse in the next day or two. Teething is NOT fun. I’m spending my days belting out ‘let it go, let it go’ Xfactor style, to keep him entertained because he loves it.

 I found Kayla like this on Sunday morning. She had been calling me for ages, just a ‘mammy will ye help me for a minute?’ eventually to a ‘Mammy I’m going to DIE, if you don’t help me. I couldn’t breathe with laughter, told her to hang while I got the camera.


We also woke up late Friday morning; I drove to the school gates in my pajamas hoping to make the bell. Kayla mysteriously got stuck in her car seat and I had to get out, standing and struggling to dismantle her with fluffy slippers, nipples like stalactites and I can’t even explain in words what my hair was like. The shame. I’m pretty sure we won’t be having any play dates EVER!!.

I found Kayla at my make-up AGAIN!!


 We gave this whole baby-led weaning thing a go again this week. This is how it ended up. He enjoyed it, me not so much. There was sweet potato EVERYWHERE!! I’m still cleaning it up.

photo 1 (19)

We have a donkey of a dog who sheds ten thousand hairs a day and this happened…

photo (43)

So it’s been long, it’s been eventful but the BEST thing ever happened. The little lad said ‘mama’, not once but TWICE!! My almost seven months of humming ‘Twinkle twinkle’ little star, to the sound of ‘ma ma ma ma ma ma maaa’ actually worked.


Mammy WINS this time!!

Gripper Soles Review

The Product


Gripper Soles are designed to give your child freedom of movement, these shoes are light weight and very flexible. They provide traction with a natural rubber non-slip sole and allow your child’s feet to breathe with upper breathable cotton material. Aoife’s Irish owned innovative creations are not only cute and stylish they are machine washable with an antibacterial insole and are for both indoor and outdoor use too.

The Review

He is fascinated with the texture of the rubber sole

He is fascinated with the texture of the rubber sole

Frankie is almost seven months and getting very active around the home now, Gripper Soles give him full support as sweeps across the floor in his walker, bounces in his swing or wiggles around the floor, without sliding all over the place. They are a fit perfect, they comfortably hug his feet and don’t slip off as they come with elasticated cuffs for extra support. He has very sweaty feet, like most babies, so I love the adorable cotton material, it’s breathable, his feet never smell in them. Not only are super cute on his feet they also love the built in bumper across the front and back of each shoe, it helps prevent cuts and bruises.

photo 3 (13)

His Gripper Soles stop him from slipping and sliding when bouncing around in his swing

I did receive this pair of Gripper Soles complimentary for reviewing purposes this does not in any way effect my honest opinion and review about these shoes. I genuinely LOVE them and will be ordering a new pair, I just can’t choose which ones, there all just way too cute.

photo 1 (18)

He can wiggle and wobble with grip and support from his Gripper Soles

Gripper Soles are €17.99 and available to buy HERE

The Horrid Onset Of Teething Is Upon Us

When your baby reaches the milestone of cutting their first tooth it’s certainly an exciting time. Although getting there we endure sleepless nights and some frantic ordeals trying to soothe our babies. Some babies endure some awful, sometimes very painful, swollen and inflamed gums while their teeth start cutting through and other sail through the whole process. Not forgetting they produce a barrel of drool too.

The horrid onset of teething has been slowly lurking and creeping upon us awhile now, Frankie started to drool excessively about six weeks ago. One morning last week he woke up with a grumpy appearance, flushed cheeks and then refused his porridge. He never refuses food. Ever. With all gums he’s latching and gnawing on anything within arm’s reach. I even found him chewing on the side of Kayla’s dolls house the other day.

Just as we get him in a fantastic routine he is waking four-to-ten times a night, sore, swollen and very upset. No cuddles, no Calpol, not even co-sleeping will comfort him. It’s an awful to watch, I’ve been close to tears as he wails. It’s heartbreaking. We are walking the walls trying to comfort him to no avail, he eventually sobs himself to sleep.

Frankie has been wearing an amber necklace since he was three months old. Amber is a known natural analgesic, when amber is worn next to the skin, it releases healing oils that helps children to stay calm and more relaxed throughout teething. Amber is a great natural remedy and can help eliminate the need for over the counter drugs, something I’m hugely in favour of. Amber necklaces are not recommended for children under the age of three due to choking hazards and the possibility of the necklace breaking or shattering.

Wholefoods Ireland sent me some Teetha granules to review awhile back and he seems to get a vast amount of relieve from a single sachet. We get about an hour or so relief from one and I love the fact they are a homeopathic remedy too.

I’ve been using his dribble stop top to keep his chest dry during his spells of excessive drooling. He’s easily losing a litre of saliva a day, it’s unnatural how much babies dribble throughout the whole teething process.

I’ve also been adding fruits like banana, pureed pear and mango to his meche feeder and freezing them to help soothe his painful gums, it’s a great way of sneaking him some food too, as his appetite has vanished.

He’s very attached at the moment too, I cannot leave the room without him crying after me or chasing me in his walker, I think his uncle got him a super express one, he’s a pro in it. I must be in full eye contact at all times. Kayla has been feeling very left out as he needs my constant attention every hour of every day. When we eventually get him to nap, all I want to do is chill with a strong coffee but she has other things in mind.

photo 1

My favourite hour of the day is when daddy walks in and I almost throw Frankie at him and escape to our bedroom and hide, that’s until Kayla assumes I’m playing hide and seek and proceeds to act like a crazed jack in the box. This tooth better make an appearance soon or I may have to get in there with a chisel myself.

Have you any teething tips or remedies to share?


**The NCA have recalled all amber necklaces for children under the 36 months and do not recommend anyone use a amber necklace on their baby, to read more click HERE.

My New Adventure – The Plaque Company

Frankie my little man and I are inseparable, I fret when I leave him, I have a serious case of attached to Frankie syndrome. So when I was due back to work last month the anxiety of missing the first time he crawl, his first words or his first steps really upset me. I missed out on a lot of Kayla’s childhood, I missed out all the big milestones due to work commitments and I am not prepared to let this happen again.

Of course I couldn’t stay at home and expect my partner to support us all. I decided I would do something I love, and that’s crafting, I’m known to be creative and I’m always making masterpieces out of complete junk.

So last month I set up The Plaque Company, a small business that would hopefully help pay the rent by creating and customizing bespoke wooden plaques. With very limited funds to create a website, I set up a Facebook business page and it was surprisingly a huge hit. It went viral in the first week.

I set up my new business with advertising one plaque, a beautiful red Christmas plaque complete with white snowflake customized with any surname.

The Plaque Company

It’s an amazing adventure so fair, I’m in business four weeks now with almost five-thousand fans and I have just sold my two-hundredth plaque. The excitement of reaching such an achievement in such a short amount of time is exhilarating. Orders are flooding in from America to Australia; my inbox is constantly full of new orders. It’s mind blowing. I’m currently creating loads of new designs to launch in January, one in particular that I’m very excited to share too.


So since I reached a HUGE milestone today I have decided to GIVEAWAY a customized Christmas plaque.


LIKE The Plaque Company 

COMMENT what surname/name you would like on your plaque.

Winner will be picked at random on Sunday 26th of October and announced on My Little Babog Facebook page.